Examples of Writingb1 English

Writingb1 is defined as the part that students in their pre-intermediate level exam must have the ability to handle correctly through simple and coherent texts on topics that are familiar or that have a personal interest.

The writingb1 has three parts in the first part the participants must transform 5 questions into sentences. In the second part, they must compose a simple text that has more than 35 words in which it will be something that is addressed to a friend or relative, therefore an informal language is used and in the third part the participants will get two types of format but they have to choose one.

10 Examples of Writingb1 English

  1. Fredy could not lift the bag is heavy.
  2. There were few people in the pool when we arrived.
  3. When I first saw the turtles I was a girl.
  4. Teresa does not know how to dance like Carmen.
  5. You’re going for a weekend with your brother.
  6. You are spending a few days with your children, but unfortunately the weather has been terrible.
  7. Your friend Luis has invited you to his graduation party.
  8. A French friend of has sent a letter.
  9. Elena, your childhood friend, sends you an invitation to her wedding.

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