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Examples of Working Memory

Working memory is defined as the set of structures that aim to temporarily keep the active information in the head while any activity is carried out.

The working memory is involved significantly in reasoning, planning and decision-making.

20 Examples of Working Memory

  1. Easily remember when to take out the trash while you’re making breakfast.
  2. Remember to remove the clothes from the washing machine, while you are bathing.
  3. Remember the prices of some products, while you are buying other things.
  4. Remember your exam, while you are doing another task.
  5. Remember the time to go to the doctor, while cleaning your house.
  6. Remember a phone number while you are making another call.
  7. Remember some address.
  8. Remember the cooking recipe without having to write it down.
  9. Know how to play chess.
  10. Easily remember what the teacher says.
  11. Remember your best friend’s birthday.
  12. Remember the purchases you must make.
  13. Remember the song you like the most without having to listen to it.
  14. Remember your work measurements while exercising.
  15. Remember the multiplication tables.
  16. Remember the route to get somewhere.
  17. Remember doctor appointments without having them written down.
  18. Remember the sum of some objects while doing another activity.
  19. Remember the hours to give your pet medicine.
  20. Remember to pay your debts up to date.
  21. Remember the events that happened years ago.
  22. Remember how to prepare the task as explained by the teacher.
  23. Remember the images of the places where you have passed to get somewhere.
  24. Remember your boss’s apartment number.
  25. Remember the colors of the painting you saw in the store.
  26. Remember the number of copies to make.

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