Examples of work accidents

What are work accidents?

Work accidents are considered all those injuries that the workers of a company may suffer in the development of their work within their work shift. In some cases, those cases that occur when they go from their home to the work center or vice versa are also included.

This type of accident also includes those injuries and consequences that an incident may cause and that emotionally affects the employee, so according to procedures that may vary in health systems in different countries, the costs generated by the treatments are borne by the business.

In all work there are risks of suffering some type of accident although obviously in some cases these risks may be greater and thanks in large part to the struggle that thousands of workers have carried out over decades the laws have been modified in favor of the employees of Thus, companies cover accident and health insurance , so as already mentioned, if an employee suffers an accident while carrying out their work, then the company takes charge of the expenses.

Examples of work accident

  1. Burns from handling corrosive substances in an industrial factory.
  2. The fall of a construction worker because he was not wearing a harness.
  3. Accident ” in itinere ” which is when the worker suffers when he goes from his home to the workplace or vice versa.
  4. Injuries caused by contact with electricity.
  5. Burns from fires inside the work center.
  6. Overexertion and mental fatigue, in some cases it can be considered depending on the country and the company.
  7. When the worker slips in his office
  8. When the worker falls on his way home, leaving his office
  9. Fracture caused by a heavy object falling on the worker while he is at work
  10. The worker fell from his desk chair as a result of the poor condition in which he was
  11. There are cases in which these laws are not complied with and more than anything they occur when jobs are informal, leaving workers often unable to continue working and worse still without the possibility of covering their medical expenses.
  12. Like all types of accidents, they tend to occur unexpectedly , it can be due to the carelessness or negligence of the worker himself or also due to the employer’s carelessness since there is a risk, it may be the case of not taking the necessary safety measures . They tend to occur in the construction sector where the use of helmets and harnesses, gloves and other equipment that have to protect the worker is mandatory and when these measures are not complied with, the risk increases.
  13. In this sense, it is important to point out that, in many countries of the world, despite the fact that the worker was the one who committed the recklessness that caused him damage or injury, in the same way the company must take charge of it.

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