Examples of words with Go, Valla, Berry or Balla

The confusion between the words go , fence , berry or balla is very common because, although they have very different meanings phonetically, they are heard in the same way. These words are known as homophone words . 

Use of the word go

Vaya is the verb “go” in the present tense that is conjugated in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular of the subjunctive mood . For example: when (I) go to your house, we talk about it.

Use of the word fence

This word is used as a synonym for fence or obstacle. For example: during the horse race, there were many hurdles that they had to overcome.

In addition, it can be used as a concept in the field of advertising. In this case, billboard is similar to a batch or advertising cut. For example: We will be back after the short billboard .

So, valla is always a noun, although it could be the conjugation of the verb vallar in the third person. For example: José, fence the entire corral so that the animals do not escape.

Use of the word berry

Here, berry refers to a fruit. Thus, berries are considered to be grapes, pepper, guava, eggplant, persimmon, tomato, orange and lemon. The use of this word in plural is more frequent: berries . For example: The children played in the field and picked many berries.

But there is also this word as an adjective . Here, berry is synonymous with the yellowish-white color of the coat of horses or mares. For example: we have bought a berry mare .

Use of the word balla

This is not a word that has a meaning or that is accepted by the RAE, therefore it is not considered as an existing word.

30 Examples of words with Go, fence or Berry

 10 Examples of words with go

  1. Let’s hope he goes to the concert so we can see him
  2. You better go see what your father needs
  3. We all hope that she goes to school happy
  4. When I go to college, Nicolas will be in high school
  5. ‘ Well , we raised a lot of money with sales today!
  6. Wait for her to go to the movies with him
  7. Go ! That outfit is perfect for you!
  8. In the afternoon, I hope that Raúl goes to see his grandmother in the hospital
  9. Go you, I take care of the seat.
  10. Go to make the corresponding report.

 10 Examples of words with fence

  1. The animals were behind the fence , so we could see them
  2. I need to get a wide brush to paint the fence
  3. My grandfather bought some wooden posts to build a big fence
  4. He wanted to graduate in two years; that was a very high fence as a project (in this case fence is found as a metaphor, referring to the very high expectations that one person has with another, with a situation or with himself).
  5. The United States government announced the construction of a higher fence with the Mexican border
  6. Call me when you need to put that fence in the garden of your house
  7. In the park there were several small fences that surrounded the trees recently planted by the gardeners
  8. Vehicles should have stayed behind the fence
  9. In the recital they had put up a fence but it was knocked down due to the enthusiasm of the fans
  10. The detective observed a pair of footprints that were drawn parallel to the fence .

10 Examples of words with berry

  1. Those bad kids threw berries at passing cars on the road.
  2. The competition consisted of gathering the largest quantity of orange berries in a basket .
  3. The company made homemade wine and for that, Ana María collected the grape berries from her garden every morning .
  4. The businessman was bankrupt. So he paid his debts with berries
  5. This smoothie is made with berries and little sugar.
  6. This morning the fields were fumigated. But the berries were not affected by the fumigation because we had already picked them before.
  7. The government announced a reduction in general taxes for the country’s berry growers .
  8. The agreement between the countries consisted of the exchange of merchandise: berries on the one hand and wheat on the other.
  9. The children wanted to make lemonade to sell. So we went to pick berries .
  10. Despite the floods, this morning the stabilization of the income of berry producers in the southern region of the country was announced.

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