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Examples of words that rhyme with rice

Poems have always been deeply rooted literary works, since they generate conflicting emotions because they are built in verses, where rhyme stands out, an element that has a close relationship with the field of lyric .

The verses form the stanzas and these constitute the poems. There is a diversity of them, related to the epic and the liturgy, romance, dramatic, adapted to the theater and popular songbooks.

The poem par excellence is a delicate and sensitive writing that manages to connect with the reader’s emotionality , since he or she identifies with its syntax and rhythmic writing.

Stanza concept

The stanza is composed of a group of verses that when joined make up the poem. The verses between the stanzas vary, although they all have rhyme and measure. The stanzas are recognized since within their structure at the poetic level they have a space that separates them.

Among the most used stanzas we can mention:

  • Of 4 verses, called quatrain .
  • Of 5 verses called limerick
  • Of 8 verses called octave
  • Of 10 verses known as tenths

What is known by verse?

The verse constitutes a minor division within the structure of the poem . The group verses make up the stanza, since these are what make up the poem.

The verses are mostly composed of phrases or short sentences, written on each line. A work written in verse is called a poem .

Definition of prose and verse

The prose has a variety of uses and that has become a very open writing that may be present in lectures, storytelling, political or public events, especially where needed literary language that reaches the entire conglomerate, because it requires spread.

The verse for its part, is a more defined writing, it must be rhythmic. In the construction of the verse, the poet uses his own resources.

There are differences between verse and prose, but there are also similarities in terms of their writing, since they can be used colloquially depending on the type of audience, or be aimed at a more demanding conglomerate with a more technical lexicon.

Rhyme and verse classes

The lyric as an expression is very particular since it can be expressed in verse or prose. The verse is rhythmic because it has a succession of accents , pauses and measures.

The prose is more genuine , its language can be technical or simple depending on who it is addressed to, it is more open because it allows a more transparent communication. This is why it is said that there is literary prose and everyday prose.

The first uses a technical language and the second a popular language.

For its part, rhyme consists of the repetition of phonemes that always occur from the last stressed vowel in each of the verses. There is the assonance rhyme where only the vowels are repeated and the consonant rhyme where the consonants and vowels are repeated .

Examples of words that rhyme with rice

  1. Spokesman
  2. Bathrobe
  3. Atrocious
  4. Early
  5. Alaroz
  6. Fast
  7. Alpicoz
  8. Magnavoice
  9. Tejaroz
  10. Tornavoz
  11. Alficoz
  12. Sovoz
  13. Alhoz
  14. Fierce
  15. Alfoz
  16. Voice
  17. Sickle
  18. Oz
  19. Choz
  20. Aerosol
  21. Aviator
  22. Lantern
  23. Ham
  24. Flavor
  25. Fan
  26. Fear
  27. Nougat
  28. Champion
  29. Badajoz
  30. Bye
  31. Ros
  32. Demigod
  33. Muñoz
  34. Cough
  35. Us
  36. twenty two
  37. God
  38. Pos
  39. Two

Phrases that rhyme with rice

  1. Pedro a spokesman for rice
  2. Precocious child with rice 
  3. For a ferocious bird a lot of rice
  4. Oh god ! What rice
  5. Very fast rice cultivation
  6. For the atrocious hunger a rice
  7. Rice Wizard of Oz
  8. Bathrobe and her rice
  9. Mr. Muñoz’s rice
  10. For cough rice water
  11.  With my voice and my rice
  12. For you a rice
  13. Goodbye friend rice
  14. Twenty-two sacks of rice
  15. Rice, rice in speaker

Sentences that rhyme with the word rice

  1. Paula when she eats rice she reads the Wizard of Oz
  2. Juan with his powerful voice is selling rice
  3. When they told me the rice had arrived, I ran fast
  4. It is too early for children to eat rice
  5. The machito eats rice in an atrocious way
  6. That Mr. Albornoz likes to eat rice
  7. The Alfoz territory grows a lot of rice
  8. When I plant a fendoz I combine it with rice
  9. You are a spokesperson to sell the rice
  10. After I use the sickle , I prepare a rice
  11. In the Alhoz farmhouse they grow a lot of rice
  12. When I sing in sovoz I cook rice
  13. I turned twenty-two I celebrated it with rice
  14. If the cucumbers are two, combine them with rice
  15. Marisol grows rice and her husband alpicoz
  16. José took alfendoz the rice fell badly 
  17. I ate an alficoz and mixed it with rice
  18. The roof of the door was broken by the sack of rice
  19. In the window I put a red rose , so that the rice would not steal me
  20. Mr. Muñoz has a rice company
  21. I have a ferocious hunger , I want to eat some rice

Verses that rhyme with the word rice

  1. When I arrive from Valencia

I was terribly hungry

and my cousin the danish

served me a plate of rice

  1. Yesterday I passed by your house

I saw quickly

what did you have in the window

a rice casserole

  1. I have a friend in town

which turned out to be very precocious

when he was very little

he grew a lot of rice

  1. In the theater they always pass

the play The Wizard of Oz

they say he became a magician

because I ate a lot of rice

  1. When i was in the market

I met Albornoz

I saw that in his truck he carried

twenty-two sacks of rice

  1. In the centre of Madrid

Carlos says on speaker

take advantage of city dwellers

bring your kilo of rice

  1. Mauro told the audience

that he was the spokesperson

to offer people

all bags of rice

  1. I sing in marriages

because I have a beautiful voice

and when the bride and groom arrive

I always throw them the rice

  1. Rosarito at home

grow a lot of alpine

does it jointly

with the rice field

  1. Emiliana when she arrives

brings a very fierce hunger

he eats what I serve him

be it caraota or be it rice

  1. When I went to Carora

Mr. Muñoz was there

very nice and friendly

gave me a plate of rice

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