Examples of WORDPRESS

WordPress is one of the main tools for the creation and use of web pages, blogs or any portal that needs to be updated with content for its operation. It currently serves as a content manager for millions of pages that circulate on the Internet, large companies and digital media use this instrument for the operation of their space on the web.

This content management system is easy to use, in addition to having terms and licenses that are simpler than the rest of the portals that offer you the same functions.

12 WORDPRESS Examples

  1. Time: Renowned American weekly magazine.
  2. Adobe: Software company based in the United States.
  3. Global Exchange: Spanish company pioneer in foreign currency exchange.
  4. BBC America: The UK’s most important media outlet.
  5. Toyota Brazil : World car manufacturer.
  6. Unicef: Non-governmental organization that promotes humanitarian aid.
  7. CNN en Español: International news channel.
  8. Mercedes-Benz: German car assembler.
  9. Reuters: UK News Agency.
  10. Spotify Blog: Application that allows us to play music via streaming.
  11. Sony Music: Record Company.
  12. Microsoft News Center: Worldwide company dedicated to the creation of software and hardware.

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