Examples of What are Widgets

What are Widgets?

With that name we designate some small applications that can work on the desktop of the computer, in the browser or both, depending on the widget or the platform on which it works.
Widget is an abbreviation of the words “window” and “gadget” (“window” and “device”). In effect, a widget is a mini-computer application that appears as a small window or box.

In general, it is used to have quick access to frequently used programs or functions, or to connect with other applications available on the Internet.

Normally they work if we are connected, interacting with some Internet engine,

The widgets that only work in the web environment began to be called “gadgets” (“gadgets”, “gossip”). The most famous were those of Google, but now that they have spread to the desktop and are still called “gadgets” it has been unleashed some confusion. Anyway, “gadgets” and “widgets” come to designate practically the same class of things.

There are times when we must download a program or platform, so that they can work on our desktop.

Different kinds of Widgets

Widgets can be 4 types:
The widgets desktop,
the widgets for the web,
the widgets for mobile and
the widgetsphysical.

* Desktop Widgets (the best known) are interactive downloadable tools that we insert on the computer desktop.
The most common are applications to find out about the weather, a clock, a search engine, a game, a post-it, etc.

* Web Widget are pieces of code that represent functionalities or content and that can be installed and executed on our website in a very simple way. The piece of web code can be programmed in Javascript, Flash, Silverlight, Windows media player, XML code and is normally hosted on the website of the Widget creator, and the contents can be easily imported to our website. The objective of this type of application is to enrich the contents and functionalities of our site without the need to program and create new content. Most Web Widgets are designed for social networks, so they have a high potential to be distributed virally.

* Mobile Widgets are similar to Desktop Widgets but for the interface of a mobile phone. Despite how small the screen resolution of a mobile phone may be, this type of Widget is perfectly adapted to provide high-quality interactive services.

* The physical Widgets (Widget Station) are compact interactive mechanisms that have integrated several typical functions of the Widget used on a computer. The most common functionalities of these mechanisms are alarm clock, weather information, Internet information, etc.

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