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Examples of Weaknesses

It is defined as weakness to the lack of strength that some people have towards pain or a body without energy with signs of exhaustion.

Many times the weakness can be temporary, this is due to a hard day at work, a bad night among others. But there is also the weakness that occurs due to a disease which becomes permanent.

10 Examples of Weaknesses

  1. Clutter: Cluttered people tend to be more uncontrollable.
  2. Tardiness: it is a weakness that makes people lazy and disorderly.
  3. Irresponsibility: Irresponsible people don’t mind blaming innocents for their actions.
  4. Antipathy: Antipathy people think that all their jokes are liked by everyone.
  5. The doubt: people who have this weakness usually always doubt even their abilities to do things.
  6. Apathy: this type of weakness makes people become incredulous to do the activities and do not believe in anything.
  7. The lie: it is a weakness that hurts the people who practice it since they will always find an excuse or a lie to look good to others.
  8. Pride: Prideful people always believe themselves more than others and do not practice humility.
  9. Indifference: this is a weakness that many people have of being tough in the face of pain and the need of other people.
  10. Abuse: this type of weakness usually always destroys.
  11. Distrust: people who suffer from this weakness usually never trust anything and nobody, which makes them distance themselves from others.
  12. Envy: envious people are never satisfied with what they have and are always aware of the lives of others, which makes them unhappy.
  13. Dependence: this weakness is felt by people who are insecure of themselves, so they always need the support of other people to make a decision or do a job.

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