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Examples of war movies

War cinema is one of the ones that usually collects the most awards in galas such as the Oscars and is that from the special effects department such as the art department they do a job as exhaustive as it is impeccable that should be awarded and recognized. As you know, war cinema is called the one that tells a passage related to a war that occurred in some period of history that has experienced such a convulsive event.

Some events that in the cinema are usually related quite truthfully and that have filled cinemas in all parts of the world. Here we give you a series of examples of war films that go beyond the Hollywood studios. Cinema that from time to time comes to us as a premiere and that is usually synonymous with success.

Examples of war movies:

War Movie Examples: Saving Private Ryan

Examples of war movies: Apocalypse Now

Examples of war films: Thirteen Roses

Examples of war movies: Life is beautiful

Examples of war films: The metallic jacket

Examples of war films: Flags of our fathers

Examples of War Movies: Letters from Iwo Jima

Examples of war movies: Inglourious Basterds

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