Examples of voluntary withdrawal letter

Voluntary withdrawal letter

It is the best option when a worker decides to leave the job for various reasons ; This results when the worker does not decide to justify himself to the company, he only decides to leave and that’s it.

The discharge is formalized. It is necessary that it be done through a letter because this voluntary resignation must be forged in writing to avoid inconveniences when collecting a settlement or establishing the day of resignation, and it is also substantial for the period of notice.

If the company you serve is large enough and has a human resources department , the recipient of your resignation letter will be the director of that department. On the other hand, if the company turns out to be small, the resignation letter will reach its manager.

Notice of voluntary withdrawal

The notice period is extremely important and the consequences of its lack as well. In most cases, a period of 15 calendar days is established , although this period may be exceeded by another period indicated by the applicable collective agreement .

Due to this it is necessary to review your contract in case it establishes another term.

Voluntary leave and unemployment

It happens in the event that a worker voluntarily leaves his job ; does not have the right to collect unemployment.

This is due to the fact that this type of benefit is intended for those workers who have been involuntarily unemployed, and by involuntary reference is made to the end of the contract, dismissal, etc.

Settlement for involuntary resignation

It must be awarded to the company for voluntary withdrawal, it must contain all the amounts that the company owes without fail until the last day of the provision of services: vacations without enjoying, overtime, the proportional part of the extra pay, salary until the last day I work, among others.

This means that the fact that you have left the company does not mean that it does not give you the settlement or stop paying you what it owes you.

The law says nothing about this, what should be said is that the worker’s decision must be recorded in writing, and the best way is by writing or a letter.

Voluntary resignation letter examples

Voluntary resignation letter with notice

  1. (company name)

(Company address)


Dear Sir:

For personal reasons, I inform you of my intention to cause voluntary withdrawal from this company (name of date), dated (date of withdrawal).

I also inform that I will comply with the 15-day notice to which I am subject by law.

Without further ado, receive a cordial greeting.

  1. Date and location (of the day you send it)

Dear Sirs.

I (first and last name) worker of this company, I communicate through this letter my desire to cause voluntary leave, being my last day of work on (set date)

In accordance with current regulations and the applicable collective agreement, I make this communication 15 days in advance.

I remain at your disposal for any clarification you need.

Place and date.

Signature of the worker signature of the company.

Voluntary resignation letter without notice

  1. (company name)

(Company address)


Dear Sir.

For personal reasons, through this medium, I submit my request to resign from the position I occupy in this company.

I also inform the impossibility of complying with the mandatory prior notice.

Without further ado, receive a cordial greeting.

In Caracas, August 26, 2019.

  1. Dear Sir.

I hereby come to present my request to resign from the position I have held in this company since (insert date).

I appreciate the resignation with which I was treated by the management and employees of that company and the opportunities that have been granted to me.

I inform the impossibility of complying with the regulations 15 days in advance.

Without further ado, receive a cordial greeting.

In Valencia, on the 15th of September 2019.

Simple Job Resignation Letter

  1. Date and location (day you send it)

Dear Sirs.

I, (name and surname) notify you of my intention to voluntarily withdraw from this company, (company name), with date, (withdrawal date).

I also request the exemption from compliance with the notice established by current legislation.

Signature of the worker signature of the company.

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