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Examples of Voluntary Jurisdiction

Voluntary jurisdiction is defined as the judicial activity that is requested without litigation, in other words, this body is in charge of the files that, being legally established, require the intervention of the judicial body for the respective protection of law.

This type of jurisdiction is carried out by the jurisdictional bodies that provide the guarantee of a right. Its main characteristic is the absence of controversy, since voluntary jurisdiction does not produce res judicata effects.

15 Examples of Voluntary Jurisdiction

  1. They are called participants.
  2. It begins with the motion.
  3. The notary only intervenes preventively.
  4. At the time of making an adoption.
  5. When wanting to appoint a guardian.
  6. In emancipation.
  7. When there is discrimination between spouses.
  8. In cases where minors are involved.
  9. To declare the absence or death of someone.
  10. People go to this body on a voluntary basis to place in the hands of the judge some type of problem that cannot be solved by other means.
  11. It is important that in order to make any request, interested persons always present evidence.
  12. Through this body, people will always obtain a response in a faster, closer and more efficient way.
  13. Through voluntary jurisdiction, common problems can always be processed.
  14. With this type of body it has been possible to improve the legal part of citizens.
  15. This jurisdiction expedites your requests quickly.
  16. If you have problems with someone and you want to prevent this from happening to adults, you can go to this body to take things for the healthy part.
  17. With this law he has managed to change the way society acts. Since they already have an organ that can support them.
  18. When someone dies and there are several heirs who fall into conflict, it is best to go to this body.

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