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Examples of visual arts

Visual arts

The visual arts are different forms of artistic expression whose works can only be perceived and enjoyed through human sight.

This category includes applied arts , ie the industrial design , the graphic design , fashion design, interior design and decorative art. Although some of them do not have an ornamental sense, they owe their classification to the fact that they are literally only noticeable with vision and not also with touch, for example.

History of the visual arts

At the end of the Second World War , forms of expression began to emerge that we would later know as the visual arts. The birth of these currents was due to the need to express themselves freely at that time.

Although the concept originated thanks to various events that took place in “the old continent”, it was not until the arrival of European artists in New York that it began to gain relevance. At the end of the 19th century, and from the United States, there was more freedom to “create”.

The name “visual arts” was very popular since the 1980s and began to predominate in the art world, especially to describe currents within contemporary art.

Visual arts characteristics

The following are the common characteristics among all visual art movements:


Although they belong to the same category, each artistic trend has its own techniques or styles. Appropriation gives the visual arts the ability to use any material, object, tool or technique in order to offer the public a unique experience.


Employ different disciplines to achieve new and innovative results.

Use globalization

Many artists are influenced by events that occurred outside their borders or by other representatives of art from anywhere in the world. In this way they get inspiration and are able to compare their works to see if they should grow as artists or maintain their style as such.

Display and placement strategies

One of the advantages of visual arts, by its very nature, is that they can not only be exhibited in rooms with face-to-face visits, but also have a place in print media, urban spaces, virtual platforms, etc.

Visual arts examples

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Recorded
  • Sculpture
  • Architecture
  • Movies
  • Serigraphy
  • Design
  • Video art
  • Installation
  • Ceramics
  • Furniture
  • Interior design
  • Jewelry
  • Goldsmithing
  • Cabinetmaking

Other examples 

  • Interactive art: contemporary artistic practices in which there is direct participation by the viewer.
  • Airwriting : programmed LED device that writes words in the air.
  • Calligraphy : art of writing using beautiful signs.
  • Graffiti : painted on urban furniture.

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