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Examples of virtues


The virtues are a series of qualities and characteristics in human behavior and that have certain positive effects on the person who has these qualities and on those around him. This type of actions or qualities can be natural and acquired; It can be basically classified into two types that are the intellectual and moral virtues, the first one in which all those linked to intelligence and knowledge are understood, while in the second case they are related to the behavior and disposition of people to act correctly in front of society.

The intellectual virtues are usually acquired through training and learning process, interaction with others and the reflective capacity, on the other hand the moral virtues are those that are based on the actions and decisions made by people According to morals, ethics and principles and they can be acquired virtues since the environment in which each person grows and develops in addition to the role models has a great influence.

Examples of virtues

  1. Wisdom.
  2. Value.
  3. Justice.
  4. Strength.
  5. Joy.
  6. Perseverance.
  7. Temperance.
  8. Charity.
  9. Solidarity.
  10. Humanity.
  11. Goodness
  12. Honesty
  13. I respect
  14. Solidarity
  15. Courage
  16. Gratitude
  17. Self-control
  18. Modesty
  19. Simplicity
  20. Tolerance
  21. Loyalty
  22. Patience
  23. Cordiality
  24. Fellowship
  25. Challenge
  26. Good judgement
  27. Sanity
  28. Piety
  29. Modesty
  30. Gentleness

There are also other types of virtues that are used in other areas, such is the case of cardinal virtues , which are nothing more than those that are considered positive actions that seek to do good to others. People who apply these types of virtues, generally seek to get as far away from evil as possible, maintaining a positive and direct focus on the good of others.

Another type of virtue is that of a theological nature , that is, those that are applied in religions and accepted as good within this group, all in accordance with the will of God. These types of virtues always go according to the Lord’s designs, always moving away from sin and evil. These virtues are considered given by divine providence.

Normally the virtues are used to highlight the positive things of each person , the theological virtues or those that have a supernatural character can also be considered, in different societies learning for the personal and spiritual development of its members is usually promoted, although the interpretation These qualities may vary depending on the culture and customs of each region.

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