Examples of Videogames from the Dragon Age saga

The video games of the Dragon Age saga are mainly characterized by inviting us to develop our own legend, with a character that will have a race, sex, class and attributes chosen by us. Before moving on to discuss other features of this saga of games we want to mention some titles that are included in this group:

Dragon Age: Originates
Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Legends
Dragon Age: Journeys
Heroes of Dragon Age

Having seen the examples of Dragon Age games, we are going to comment on some of the characteristics of these games. In many of these games, as the game progresses, we will begin to form a group of companions with whom we will be able to establish friendship and even romance, becoming able to have sexual relations with them. We can also antagonize them, being able to leave the group. The decisions we make, the gifts we give them, and the conversations we have with them will determine what our relationships with them will be like. In the latter we will have different lines of dialogue to choose from. It should be mentioned that not only can we talk with our partner, but also with other characters.

Apart from talking we will also have to fight using the different skills learned. In each of the combats, where the combats will have a strong strategic component, only a small group of our companions will participate. We will be able to change the control between our character and our companions. To those characters that we do not control we can give guidelines that they will follow during battles.

To finish saying that the decisions that we make in the games in the games of the Dragon Age saga will lead us to one end or another.

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