Examples of verbs with ing

The verb is a grammatical term that is used to express any type of action, states or processes that concern people or things. It supports multiple tense conjugation and functions as a predicate kernel . Here you will know the examples of verbs with ing ( gerund ).

The gerund in English

Sentences always require a verb and in English they use the ending “ing” in some phrases or sentences, such as: I am eating.

This formation of the verb more ing is called a gerund , which is generally used in those cases where a verb phrase can replace a noun phrase.

Within the non-finite verbs are the gerunds , which are defined as those verb forms that express some activity and tend to be placed in a sentence where a noun is used, for example: I am running in the park. Park).

Gerunds can also be the subject of the sentence . Example: Looking at the sun at sunset. Likewise, gerunds are also the object of the sentence. Example: He likes to be swimming in the sea (He likes to be swimming in the sea). And finally, gerunds can be used to be the object of a preposition . Example: After playing tennis, I Takes a shower (after playing tennis, take a shower).

Examples of verbs ending in ing

  1. Answer: answering
  2. Buy: buying
  3. Close: closing
  4. Do: doing
  5. Change: changing
  6. Be: being
  7. Eat: eating
  8. Explain: explaining
  9. Finish: finishing
  10. Fly: flying
  11. Forget: forgetting
  12. Go: going
  13. Have: having
  14. Hear: hearing
  15. Help: helping
  16. Know: knowing
  17. Learn: learnig
  18. Get: geting
  19. Live: living
  20. Look: looking
  21. Make: making
  22. Meet: meeting
  23. Open: opening
  24. Move: moving
  25. Put: puting
  26. Remember: remembering
  27. See: seeing
  28. Say: saying
  29. Read: reading
  30. Sit: siting
  31. Speak: speaking
  32. Sleep: sleeping
  33. Study: studying
  34. Stop: stopping
  35. Spend: spending
  36. Talk: talking
  37. Travel: traveling
  38. Turn: turning
  39. Take: taking
  40. Understand: understanding
  41. Use: using
  42. Walk: walking
  43. Work: working
  44. Write: writing
  45. Want: wanting
  46. Watch: watching
  47. Send: sending
  48. Sell: selling
  49. Mean: meaning
  50. Like: liking
  51. Lose: losing
  52. Become: becoming
  53. Allow: allowing
  54. Agree: agreeing
  55. Break: breaking
  56. Belive: beliving
  57. Begin: beginning
  58. Cut: cutting
  59. Carry: carrying
  60. Find: finding
  61. Feel: feeling
  62. Fill: filling
  63. Give: giving
  64. Hold: holding
  65. Leave: leaving
  66. Run: runing
  67. Play: playing
  68. Listen: listenig
  69. Love: loving
  70. Read: reading
  71. Promise: promising
  72. Show: showing

Examples of sentences with verbs in English

  1. Peter is reading the newspaper at home Saturday (Pedro is reading the newspaper Saturday at his home )
  2. The baker is listening to His bread dough machine (Baker is hearing his bread kneading machine)
  3. Catalina is living in Panama City with her husband Rambo (Catalina is living in Panama City with her husband Rambo)
  4. All university students are enrolling in Their respective schools to formalize Their enrollment (All university students are enrolling in their schools to formalize their entries)
  5. Armando Jose is playing soccer With some friends in the El Paraiso urbanization in Caracas (Armando José is playing football with friends at El Paraiso de Caracas)
  6. Venezuelans are going abroad motivated by the economic situation in the country That exists (Venezuelans are going to the outside motivated the economic situation in the country)
  7. People are not leaving Their homes are afraid Because They of the coronavirus (People are not leaving their homes because they are afraid of the coronavirus)
  8. In Italy they are betting that Laura Pausini will win the Oscar on Sunday in the city of Los Angeles (In Italy they are betting that Laura Pausini will win the Oscar on Sunday in the city of Los Angeles)
  9. My cousin Anastasia is sleeping peacefully in the bed of my brother Juan Jose (My cousin Anastasia is sleeping peacefully in bed my brother Juan Jose)
  10. Luis Armando is painting a religious painting that includes very emblematic figures (Luis Armando is painting a religious painting that includes very emblematic figures )
  11. Maria Mercedes is cooking at her aunt Luisa’s house a delicious cake for her are Alfredo’s birthday (Maria Mercedes is cooking in the house of her aunt Luisa, rich cake for your child ‘s birthday Alfredo)
  12. At Disneyland Paris They are vaccinating all seniors are vulnerable to the WHO pandemic (Disneyland Paris are vaccinating all elderly people who are vulnerable to the pandemic)
  13. I am reading a book by Gabriel García Marquez entitled: «Love in the time of cholera» (I am reading a book by Gabriel García Márquez entitled: «Love in the time of cholera»)
  14. My grandmother is cleaning the whole house with chlorine to disinfect it completely (My grandmother is cleaning all household chlorine to disinfect it completely)
  15. Leonardo has three hours waiting for the train at the station because he has to go to Madrid to solve a problem (Leonardo has three hours waiting for the train at the station, because he must go to Madrid to solve a problem)
  16. My mom is cooking a roast rich black That has to delicious smell That Makes You taste it (My mom is cooking a rich black roast, which has a delicious smell that causes taste it )
  17. When I left the office it was raining heavily, thank goodness I was carrying my umbrella and my patent leather boots (When I left the office was raining cats and dogs, luckily carrying my umbrella and my patent leather boots)
  18. The dog was barking all night without resting, so I slept very little (The dog was barking all night without rest, so I slept very little)
  19. I am studying photography to please Mario That I specialize in the audiovisual area (I’m studying photography to please me Mario that specializes in the audiovisual area.
  20. Carmen Maria is writing With her are in the Library of the city (Carmen Maria is writing with his son in the Library of the city)

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