Examples of verbs with a in English

All verbs express different actions and states that remain in the daily routine. Verbs are words that express what a subject does and form the most relevant part of the sentence. That is why examples of verbs with a in English are important .

All these activities, which are carried out in English, are always expressed through action verbs, which are known as “action verbs”. These verbs tend to represent actions of a physical nature that have a lot to do with the tangible and with the five senses, that is why they are called in the English language of “dynamic verbs” (dynamic verbs).

Likewise, action verbs also include those that manifest subjective activities , such as: learn (learn) or think (think). All the verbs that indicate action have the advantage that it facilitates the teaching of learning the English language, for all those interested in learning it.

Words to express actions in English with the letter a

In the English language there is a great diversity of words that allow referring a variety of actions, just as there are in the Spanish language. However, the conceptualization of these terms is often associated with comprehensive abstraction.

When a person decides to study a second language at first it is difficult for them to use verbs, due to the variations that exist between English and Spanish. One strategy that is used is associating the letter “a” with the alphabet, so that it is easier for the person to identify with this new learning.

That is, if the dynamic consists of starting with the verbs that in English begin with the letter a, it will be easier for people to internalize them, which will facilitate their learning .

Examples of verbs with a in English

Among the examples of verbs, they are presented below:

  1. Slay: abate or decrease
  2. Abuse: mistreat, abuse
  3. Accuse: accuse
  4. Abbreviate: abbreviate
  5. Absorb: absorb
  6. Abort: abort
  7. Ache: hurt
  8. Abscond: elope
  9. Accumulate: accumulate
  10. Accept: accept
  11. Act: act
  12. Activate: activate
  13. Achieve: get
  14. Administer: administer
  15. Add: add
  16. Accost: tackle
  17. Accompany: accompany
  18. Supports: admit, acknowledge
  19. Adjust: adjust, adapt
  20. Accelerate: accelerate
  21. Adore. To adore
  22. Address. Digest or tackle
  23. Garnish: garnish
  24. Advance: advance
  25. Advise: advise
  26. Affirm: affirm
  27. Agravatte: aggravate or worsen
  28. Advertise: advertise
  29. Advocate: advocate
  30. Alert: alert
  31. Aim: aim or direct
  32. Afford: being able to pay
  33. Allude: allude
  34. Allow: allow
  35. Alter: alter
  36. Alternate: toggle
  37. Alphabetize: alphabetize
  38. Amend: amend or correct
  39. Animate: animate
  40. Analyze: analyze
  41. Annotate: annotate
  42. Announce: announce
  43. Answer: answer
  44. Antagonize: antagonize
  45. Anticipate: anticipate or wait
  46. Apologize: apologize
  47. Appease: appease
  48. Appeal: appeal
  49. Appreciate: appreciate
  50. Applaud: clap
  51. Apply: apply or request
  52. Argue: discuss
  53. Approve: approve
  54. Arrange: arrange
  55. Artuculate: articulate
  56. Arrive: arrive
  57. Ascend: ascend or climb
  58. Ask: ask
  59. Arrest: arrest
  60. Assay: rehearse
  61. Assall: insult or attack
  62. Assert: affirm
  63. Attack: attack
  64. Attain: achieve
  65. Attend: attend
  66. Assess: evaluate or appraise
  67. Attract: attract
  68. Authorize: authorize
  69. Avow: admit or acknowledge
  70. Await: wait or wait
  71. Attempt: try
  72. Assign: assign or designate
  73. Assume: assume or assume
  74. Assist: assist

Examples of sentences with verbs with a in English

  1. Pedro did not want to accept That Maria HAD lost the trip tickets (Pedro refused to accept that Mary had lost travel tickets)
  2. Ramona wanted to abbreviate in her correspondence the address of her brother Luis.
  3. On Sunday morning I have to access the plane that will take me to Panama City (On Sunday morning I have to access the plane that will take me to Panama City)
  4. Do not call me on Thursday because I have to accompany my nephew who is going to study in Italy
  5. Mario to act fast if you have to get a job wants at the food company (Mario has to act fast if you want to get jobs in the food company)
  6. The Condominium Board has to admit all the income and expenses of the building where Lola lives.
  7. At Christmas time I love to admire all the colors and decorations that are placed everywhere.
  8. I am going to advise my secretary that she should be careful with all the contracts that we send to our clients.
  9. The government will announce some economic measures that will affect all taxpayers
  10. The Ministry of Health wants to alert the population in everything related to covid-19.
  11. In the laboratory They will analyze all the tests related to the vaccines against the coronavirus (In the lab will analyze all evidence related to coronavirus vaccines)
  12. The journalist must amend everything related to the news of Friday
  13. The teacher must answer all the questions that the students want to ask
  14. I have to attend a conference at the Ministry of Internal Relations in the city of Bogotá (I have to attend a conference at the Ministry of Internal Relations in the city of Bogotá)
  15. The virus can attack you at any time, you must take care of yourself by staying at home
  16. I must assume that you ‘ are you going to quit have a better Because job offer (I must assume you’re going to give up because you have a better job )

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