Examples of value judgments

Value judgment

The value judgments are opinions or evaluations about something or someone about their performance or act in a certain thing and this opinion can be negative or positive, that will depend on the point of view of the person who makes the comment.

People usually make judgments of all kinds in political, religious and situations, what characterizes this type of judgment is that it is totally subjectively influenced, which means that the person uses their ideas, beliefs, influences and in general based on what you think is correct which does not mean that it is correct.

The value judgment can also be defined as a brief analysis that people make and that are not necessarily done in a negative way, many times they serve to make objective criticisms and that they can make positive observations and that help the person receiving the judgment to Improving what you are doing, following the positive aspect can also be taken as a warning or warning that should be taken into account especially if what is judged has to do with personal convictions.

Examples of value judgments

  1. A group of people calling a girl immoral for having several male friends.
  2. A worker criticizing his partner for the decision made in one of his functions.
  3. An applicant for a job who claims that his colleagues are not qualified to obtain it.
  4. Neighbors negatively criticizing the mayor of their community .
  5. Religious leaders against living together outside of marriage.
  6. people who support or reject abortion
  7. the acceptance or denial of homosexuality
  8. To think that expressing a certain opinion in a specific space is wrong.
  9. Lady who does not agree that the neighbor has a dog in his house
  10. People who think that helping street children is a good action

All individuals can at some point make a value judgment on a specific issue and beyond being correct or incorrect, positive or negative, this opinion will be strongly supported by our own personality , the point of view from which we look at our society and the world in general.

Therefore, your own opinion may be contrary to that of another person on the same point, a clear example is that some people may be in favor of abortion in certain situations while others will be against and in the same way will have their arguments to defend that position.

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