Examples of UTM Coordinates

The UTM coordinates (Universal Transverse Mercator) is a system that is based on the mapping of Mercator, whose units are their baseline level meters the sea.

Each country has a UTM zone to establish the coordinates of its cities. Each UTM zone comprises 20 bands that are represented by the letters C through X. There are 60 UTM zones on the planet.

The main characteristics of UTM coordinates are:

  • Use cylindrical projection: the globe on a cylindrical surface.
  • Use transverse projection: the axis of the cylinder coincides with the equatorial axis.
  • Preserves the value of the angles.
  • It is very easy to measure distances with this coordinate system.
  • Grids are used to represent parallels and meridians.
  • It cannot represent the poles.
  • The distances depend on the knowledge of the sphere-cylinder points of tangency, in a direction perpendicular to the cylinder.

Examples of UTM coordinates

  1. 29T 548929 4801142
  2. 30S 472313 4100834
  3. 30S 472 4100
  4. 30S 35467489156
  5. 30S 3544891

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