Examples of Utility Model

Utility Model

A utility model is known as any invention consisting of the arrangement of elements, forms, or configuration of artifacts, instruments or tools that allows a better and greater functioning of the object to which it was incorporated.

It is a property title that is created in order to protect innovation and invention in known tools, devices or objects. With this title, exclusive rights are transferred to the creator of the invention.

The utility model in turn confers unique export and exploitation rights for an approximate period of 10 years (it may vary depending on the country where it is applied). That begins to elapse from the moment the application is submitted .

In order to apply for a utility model, two fundamental aspects are required, namely:

  • Novelty: That the product object of the invention is unique and original (it must not exist anywhere in the world) in order to guarantee the protection of both the new product or invention and those already created.
  • Industrial application: requires that the product that has been created is useful in the industrial area in order to get the most out of it and thus solve existing problems.

In this sense, you must take into account that a utility model is not the same as patents , since the former are those inventions that have less technical complexity. Many know it as small patents.

A utility model is as legal and applicable as a patent , the only difference lies in the durability of the protection on the invention and the degree of complexity of it, since a utility model is responsible for protecting the improvements made to products that already exist.

Utility Model Examples

  1. Iron plates – plastic plates, light and airtight.
  2. Have glasses.
  3. Folding tables.
  4. Multifunctional knives
  5. Plastic knives.
  6. Reinforced concrete panels
  7. Gloves with lights used to direct traffic.
  8. Clamping devices for televisions and monitors.
  9. Universal adapter
  10. Container for glass jars or glasses.

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