Examples of using parentheses

The parentheses () is a set of punctuation marks that are used to clarify something within a text. They should always be used evenly, that is, a parenthesis at the beginning of what is to be clarified and another at the end of said clarification. For instance; ” The French Revolution ( 1789 ) was a social and political conflict .”

Types of parentheses

There are different uses for which parentheses can be used :

1- Date brackets

Dates or historical events are specified in parentheses. For example: The trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings” ( 2001, 2002 and 2003 ) is based on the novel by British writer JRR Tolkien .

2- Parentheses in the theater

Parentheses are widely used in scripts or plays to indicate an action . For instance:

– No! Eugenia screamed and cried )

3 – Clarification brackets

This type of parentheses is widely used in texts that require clarification of something. In this case, the use of the parentheses is similar to that of the explanatory comma . For example: We ( the school children ) have come to visit you // We, the school children, have come to visit you.

4 – Acronym brackets

This parenthesis clarifies what the acronyms that appear in the text mean. For example: WHO ( World Health Organization ) has declared a median level of malnutrition for a third of children in Africa .

5 – Parentheses in mathematics

These are used for the execution of different mathematical equations. Its use modifies the results. For example: ( 5 + 3 ) x 2 + 7

6 – Parentheses to enumerate

It is used to detail something. For example: The most important rivers in the world are: a) the Amazon , b) the Danube, c) Volga, d) the Mississippi, e) the Ganges, f) the Nile and g) the Iguazu.

7 – Parentheses for grammar clarification

For example: Enter the ( the ) concept ( s ) that come to mind after reading the following story …

8 – Ellipsis parentheses

It is a type of parenthesis that is used to omit something from a text. For example: And the warriors triumphed in battle after many fights and bloodshed and (…) victory was assured .

9 – Option parentheses

It is the case in which some type of indication regarding the gender of something is clarified. For example : The child (a) do not wash their hands before lunch, can not enter the school canteen .

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