Examples of use of why

The doubt regarding the way to write the word why, because, why or why is very frequent in the Spanish language. However, despite the confusion that this word can cause, its meaning and application are very different in each case.

 The use of “because”

This is understood as a casual conjunction . This means that when used there will be a subordinate clause whose function is to explain something of the main clause. It is called atona conjunction , which means that the last syllable should not be emphasized as stressed since it is not.

 Examples of the use of because

  1. I won’t take you to the shopping because you haven’t finished your homework
  2. I will not go to the movies with you because I have a fever
  3. Camila wants to be on your women’s soccer team because she knows that this way she can win
  4. My mom won’t let me go play with you because she knows we’ll do mischief and she doesn’t want that
  5. I will invite you on vacation to Orlando because you are my best friend
  6. The sentence was tremendous because many had been the crimes of the accused
  7. She did not respond to your greeting because she is deaf

The use of “why”

In this case, because it is made up of a preposition ” por ” and a pronoun ” that ” (relative pronoun). This word can be replaced by ” which “, ” which ” or ” which “. In this case, it is possible to add the article “the” or “the” between both words. For example: This is the reason for (the) that called you urgently.

 Examples of the use of why

  1. Those were the reasons for (those) who did not come to my birthday Juliet
  2. The gift of (the) that they discussed turned out to be a disappointment
  3. There were several events for which he was considered for the title with honors
  4. I can not know the reason for ( the ) that yell at you that way

 It can also be the preposition ” by ” and the subordinating conjunction ” that “. In these cases the preposition ” by ” appears followed by a subordinate clause that uses the preposition ” that “. Example: The doctor was concerned that the entire population could get sick.

The use of why

In this case, why is it a noun and it means cause , motive or reason for something . In this case, always before “ why ” the article “ the ” or a similar one should be placed ; ” His “, ” other “, ” this “, etc

Examples of the use of why

  1. I am waiting for you to explain to me the reason for your reaction
  2. I do not understand the reason for your answer
  3. We do not know the reason for the situation, but we will take extreme measures to avoid possible attacks
  4. I want you to tell me the reason for your attitude
  5. We want to know the reason for the job change

The use of why

Why , it is written separately and with an accent when a question is asked, be it direct or indirect.

Example of the use of why

  1. Why do you have so many siblings?
  2. Why do n’t we go play square now?
  3. I wonder why he reacted like this
  4. It intrigues me to know why he did not come to the dance
  5. I would like to know why I feel so distressed
  6. Why did you shop at that store?

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