Examples of unsaturated solution

A solution is a homogeneous mixture at the molecular or ionic level of two or more pure substances that do not react with each other, whose components are in variable proportions. It can also be defined as a homogeneous mixture made up of a solvent and one or more solutes.

A common example could be a solid dissolved in a liquid, such as salt or sugar dissolved in water.

We call an unsaturated solution that does not have the maximum possible amount of solute for a given temperature and pressure. A solution that has not reached its maximum concentration, its saturation concentration, and still admits that the solute continues to be solubilized without precipitates appearing.

Examples of dissolutionis unsaturated s:

1. When 10 liters of water are mixed with 1 tablespoon of salt: the salt is diluted in the water. In that case, water is the solvent and salt is the solute.

2. When a drop of paint is dissolved in a bottle of turpentine: in this case the turpentine is the solvent and the paint is the solute.

3. Few liters of chlorine in an Olympic-size swimming pool with millions of liters of water – The water in a swimming pool is an unsaturated solution because there is so little chlorine it contains, since it is possible to add more chlorine so that it continues to be diluted in the water. .

4. Soapy water – Since it is possible to continue adding soap to the water.

5. 1 tablespoon of sugar in 5 liters of water – The first one dissolves and will not change the taste or the transparency of the water.

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