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Examples of Universalism

The  universalism is an idea that is set to true and it must be accepted that way for all mankind, as it is considered as a unique way to see or interpret the subject matter. A popular example of this concept is religion . Each religious trend tries to impose itself on the others by ensuring that they have the absolute truth about how we must function in the world to obtain God’s grace.

Universalism is an interpretation of ideologies or how we see the world. Having a universalist thinking is, at times, being irrational and inflexible in the face of other ideas. It does not allow for individualism (nominalism) , which is in fact the opposite of this concept. Universalism is also a concept related to science , philosophy and politics .

Types of universalism 

  • niversalismo moral. It consists of unifying and defending the ethical position as a way to create order in society.
  • Philosophical universalism . Basically, they are philosophical thoughts that contradict or affirm what is stated in moral universalism.
  • Religious universalism. The Christian religion has managed to impose its universalist thoughts throughout history, controlling moral and ethical position through religious doctrine. 

15 Examples of Universalism

  1. Individual freedom
  2. The science
  3. Communism
  4. Capitalism
  5. Christianity
  6. Muslim religion
  7. Judaism
  8. Kantism
  9. Utilitarianism
  10. The right to life
  11. The right to education
  12. Equality of people
  13. The right to have private possessions
  14. The universities
  15. The schools
  16. Liberal Companies
  17. Right towards women
  18. The world Caliphate

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