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Examples of ultrasound

Ultrasound can be defined as a sound wave that has a frequency that exceeds the limit that would allow it to be perceived by the human ear, this means that people are not capable of perceiving these waves, the very name of these waves indicates their action since “ultra” defines them as something that goes beyond sound, they must have 20,000 Hz or more and this technology is applied to many fields, especially medicine, although they also play an essential factor in the industrial field.

Ultrasounds can be found in equipment such as Doppler ultrasound, there are also technological equipment that makes use of these waves for example to obtain images called ultrasound to monitor and control pregnant women or also to detect and diagnose certain diseases with greater precision , These equipment usually have a reader that is what sends the waves and collects the information which is later translated by a computer specifically designed to fulfill this function and in the form of an echo, it can transmit what is being detected in real time.

Ultrasound has the advantage of not emitting any radiation so has no detrimental effect on patients, other uses to which it will for example to combat pest insects although to a lesser extent, there are devices that prevent mosquitoes and mosquitoes are close by thanks to the acoustic waves that cannot be supported by these insects. Finally, it is good to comment that there is structural ultrasound which combines these waves in black and white, 4D ultrasound is a technique used in the field of medicine to achieve a series of 3D images that can be transmitted in time In fact, there are other fields that use these technologies such as aesthetics, physiotherapy and, as we mentioned before, Doppler.

Examples of ultrasound:

  1. Doppler ultrasound to determine the amount of blood flow in veins and arteries.
  2. The device used to monitor the pregnancy status of a pregnant woman.
  3. The teams that use ultrasound to detect diseases such as some types of cancer.
  4. In the field of aesthetics there are ultrasound treatments to combat cellulite.
  5. In the industrial sector, ultrasound is used to detect and remove dirt from items such as jewelry and watches.
  6. They also have uses in pharmaceuticals and sports.

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