Examples of two-person conversations in English

The conversations in English or also known as Inglés Conversation are the best learning tool that can be implemented in initiating studies in the American language. Conversations in English can take place between two or more people and can range from simple topics of everyday life to the technical language used in certain companies.

4 Examples of Two-Person Conversations in English

  1. Nelson: Hello, how are you? Is everything ok?

Luisa: Hi, I’m pretty good, thanks you. How are you?

Nelson: I’m great, working hard. Thanks you

Luisa: Sounds great. I am doing the same thing.

Nelson: That’s good. It is the only way to get the money.

Luisa: that’s correct. Nice to see you, have a good one.

Nelson: You too.

  1. Monica: Hi Luis, How are you?

Luis: I am good, what about you?

Monica: Well, I have been feeling sick.

Luis: OH that’s sound terrible.

Monica: I am going to the doctor tomorrow.

Luis: OK. Take care

  1. Ana: Hi Veronica, How are you? Great weather today, don’t you think?

Veronica: Hi Ana, Yes, I love a sunny day.

Ana: Would you like to go to the beach?

Veronica : It’s gonna be amazing. Let’s do it ´

Ana: See you at 3 pm in Lola´s Beach.

Veronica: See you.

  1. Carlos : Hi, sister. What are you doing?
    Maria : Hi, Carlos. I am reading a book that I bought today.
    Carlos : What’s the name of the book?
    Maria : Ghost at the middle night by Luis Pérez
    Carlos : Is he a Venezuelan writer?
    Maria : No, he is from Chile.
    Carlos : What is it about?
    Maria : It is about a ghost boy who wants to be at the middle of the night with a girl.
    Carlos : Oh, I see. Have you liked it so far?
    Maria :I don’t know. It’s been a little bit boring, but I’ve heard great comments about it.
    Carlos : Look! I bought another book for your birthday.
    Maria: Thank you, Brother. You are the best brother in the world.
    Carlos : I know! I have to get back to work; I’ll see you on weekend.
    Maria : Bye. Love you. Take care.

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