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Examples of transgenic foods

GMO foods are all those that have been genetically manipulated in order to alter their composition to add new elements to their DNA.

These elements correspond to other organisms and this is usually done to add characteristics of one organism to another, in this case, food. It may be the case of plants such as corn and soybeans, biotechnology is the science that allows these modifications to be made in food.

Among their most important advantages is that they are more resistant to pests, can better withstand times of drought and also be resistant to certain pesticides . However, it is an issue that has raised much controversy due to the harmful effects it has on the health of people who consume them.

In any case, the studies to determine how much they affect health remain, the organization Greenpeace has already published a “green guide” in which foods that have not been genetically manipulated in any of its compounds are detailed. This information has been confirmed by the companies that market them.

Examples of transgenic foods

  1. Corn.
  2. Soy.
  3. Potato.
  4. Meats.
  5. Milk.
  6. Pumpkin.
  7. Rice.
  8. Grapes.
  9. Coffee.
  10. Came

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