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Examples of traditions


The traditions are a number of behaviors, memories, stories, legends and all that activity or expression of a cultural nature that is transmitted from generation to generation in a community or family. It is a set of customs and manifestations rooted within a social group and that for its members has great value, for this reason they are maintained and taught to new generations as a gift or cultural heritage.

Tradition has a very strong link with culture , this is because it refers to the practices and behaviors of societies; On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that for something to become a tradition, it must prevail over time, that is, something that has a month or short periods of time cannot be considered a tradition.

Not only in societies but also in families, there may be traditions and this, as we have said, should be practiced as a habit from generation to generation for many years, in addition to this, it must be taken into account that many traditions are practiced by members of a non-social group. necessarily understanding the meaning of making them but to keep alive the legacy of their ancestors.

Difference between tradition and custom

There are differences between traditions and customs, although they are often used within the same context and both terms are often confused, thinking that they are the same. Basically the custom is a common practice in many places within a country, a region or a specific social class, a very simple example is shaking hands with a person when meeting them in a social gathering.

On the other hand, a tradition is a thought rooted in the mind of a group of people, they are also inherited actions and behaviors such as religious beliefs, they are the cultural reflection of people and as we said before they are passed between generations.

Examples of traditions

  1. Eating turkey at Christmas
  2. The night of the dead in Mexico
  3. The carnival of Venice in Italy
  4. The procession of El Señor de los Milagros in Peru
  5. Eat fish at Easter
  6. Children asking for candy on Halloween
  7. Go to mass every Sunday
  8. Let the bride wear white on her wedding day
  9. Family dinner at Christmas
  10. The carnival of Brazil
  11. Giving an ancestral gift to a person upon reaching the age of majority
  12. Dance or dance a special song when they turn 15 years old, in the case of adolescents
  13. Ramadan
  14. Cut a tree or pine at Christmas to decorate the house every December
  15. Give a special garment to the bride to wear on her wedding day

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