Examples of trades

Trades are a type of document in which information is written which contains an order, consultation, notification, request for reports, provisions, opinions and other types of actions, which generally fulfill functions aimed at public administration .

The offices to be called as such must be made up of the following elements: Letterhead, date, place, number, addressee, subject, reference, text, farewell, signature and annex.

On the other hand, it can be classified into three types which are:

    • Administrative offices that are used within companies to send communications and record procedures.
    • The transcription documents have the purpose of notifying resolutions and have the characteristic of carrying with them a transcript of the document.
    • The multiple trades are those that are distributed to one or more persons usually for information purposes.

Examples of trades

  1. Administrative office

Tejidos Guarrido SA de CV
Av. Indio Triste Col. Evolution
State of Mexico

Reference: 578 CSDHB534
Occupation: 2256
Subject: Sale of material

Mexico City, February 10, 2015

C Sample Manager and CIA, Rubén Torres Gómez
You are hereby informed that a total of 300 thread cones have been sold.
We hope that they will be delivered in a timely manner during the week.

Receive a cordial greeting, sincerely

Directorate General
Tejidos Guarrido SA de CV

  1. Office of transcription

Valente Pérez SC School

File 5567/2015
Student: José Rosendo Núñez R.
Subject: Scholarship

Mr. Parent, we inform you that the student in the field has already received the benefit of the scholarship granted by this school, and you must appear as soon as possible to carry out the corresponding procedures.

I quote: “… Signature of the document of acceptance and verification of the need for a scholarship by the parent or guardian …”

Nothing more for the moment

College of
President teachers . Leonel Torres Lino

  1. Multiple Trades

Judicial Council
of the Government of Mexico City DF

Subject: Communication
Date: February 10, 2015
Issuer: Transportation Council
Recipients: Ana María Pérez Rodríguez and / or Ricardo Vargas Gutiérrez

You are hereby informed that you can pick up the vehicle described as Nissan Platina Color Rojo plates rpe2145, which has been registered in the transit address.

Once the corresponding fine has been covered, the vehicle can be picked up.

This is established by the C. Director of transportation of this city for the corresponding legal purposes in accordance with article 45 of the institution’s regulations.


Carlos Rivero Saldaña

  1. Business Office

Almacenes PaBlo Perez SA de CV

TRADE NO. 431/2016

Mexico City, September 28, 2016

Mr. Manager Almacenes PaBlo Perez SA de CV of branch N ° 2,

“Lake Charandoso”, Edo. PR.

Subject:  Private and repeated complaint,

for abuse of power to the detriment of his subordinates,

and mismanagement of company resources.

Mr. MIguel Paredes Pietro

Appreciable Mr. Paredes Pietro, by means of this office you are notified of the resolution of the board of directors of this company, in relation to its behavior and management of the economic resources of the branch under your charge. According to the previous reports that we have had, added to the complaints of mistreatment received by you by your subordinates, communicating the opinion of the board of directors, consisting of the resolution to separate you from the position you hold within this company and ask you to resign .

Attaching documents that prove various mismanagements, as well as respective testimonies to the mistreatment are attached.


Chairman of the board of directors

Pedro Perez Pedraza


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