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Examples of Toxic People

The toxic people are those whose attitude toward others is generally negative. Emotions and feelings such as anger, discouragement, apathy, envy, hatred, fribolity, etc; Bad habits such as irresponsibility, lateness or lack of commitment are part of the characteristics attributed to this type of person.

Not only are they considered toxic because they pose a direct threat to someone in particular, but this term is used for people whose own lives are not very positive or prosperous.

10 Examples of Toxic People

  1. Those who manipulate. manipulative person tends to play the victim,  usually they offend you between the lines: “I want you to be / your good, that’s why I treat you badly when I have to or you deserve it” (they usually tell you after their toxic collapses). They blame you for their bad actions and even yours for their influence, and when you try to get away from them, they make the drama of their lives; “I could not live without you”, “you are everything to me”, and so on.
  2. Narcissists. They are created and projected as the best existing being in the entire universe. For them, treating you must represent for you a privilege that not everyone can have, therefore, it speaks to you at all times of how wonderful it is in this, in that and in the other.
  3. The hypocrites. They are characterized by being  gossipy as well ; They disguise themselves as the being that most appreciates you in the world and they want / require you to know absolutely everything about you: every movement, thought and action.
  4. The authoritarians . They are those who want everything to be done as they determine, if not, they could unleash all their rage and anger.
  5. The envious. They are the ones who want to have everything that another person has, but maliciously and not because they really want it. Some take actions so that the other runs out of such things.
  6. The pessimists. They tend to see life in such a way that everything that happens to them is bad and because of others. They cannot see the opportunities, they only distinguish failures from everything that happens to them. They also react in this way on issues related to the people around them.
  7. The Sociopsychopaths . They are people who do not feel remorse, compassion or empathy for others. They can become dangerous if, in response to their needs, they practice violence against others. They generally do not feel real affection for other people.
  8. Those who disqualify . They repeatedly criticize, judge and belittle others to try to make them feel bad. They take advantage of some people’s lack of self-esteem to harm or manipulate them.
  9. The neurotics . They are those who have suffered trauma, especially in childhood and therefore develop a self-centered, selfish, perfectionist personality, but under an insecure and inconsistent character, which does not allow them to grow as people and wish others to do so.
  10. The jealous ones. They can be two types of people: those who want to have a life like yours, or those who want your life to be just for them. These people demand a lot of attention or just hope that their friends, family and partner take them into account over other people.

How do you know if a person is toxic?

Every personality has specific characteristics: the shy, the extroverted, the manipulative, the entrepreneurial and so there are so many behaviors. Each one betrays it or they are perceptible by the set of attitudes that in general so many people possess / adopt it, we simply must be aware of what those peculiar traits are, analyze if who we suppose is in such a way has them, and discard or affirmation to verify exactly who we have in front of us beyond what it pretends to be.

The people  toxic  are not free to be discovered, even they are simple to identify by the intensity, regularity and visibility of prevailing attitudes in their behavior.

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