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Examples of tourism

What is tourism?

Tourism is an action that is carried out in order to spread the mind and distract from the daily activities of life. It is an activity that can be done either alone or as a couple or in a group. This activity is carried out completely voluntarily and sporadically.

Viewing this activity from the social, cultural and emotional point of view , it is an action that is practically mandatory because it allows the human being to distract his mind from the routine and the constant conflicts and daily life of life. In the same way, it is beneficial for many companies that are solely and exclusively responsible for this work throughout the world because thanks to the increase in travel and tourists, the level of development in the area where tourism is generated also increases.

In this sense, improvements in infrastructure, transport, development as well as the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area increase. It is important to note that, in the same way, the increase in monetary income in both national and foreign currency is notorious. From a cultural point of view, those who arrive in the area where tourism is carried out appreciates the culture, traditions, crafts and geography of the area more, as well as allowing the inhabitants of the area to keep them alive over time.


  • Spreading
  • Recreation
  • Relaxation
  • Contact with the nature
  • Get to know new spaces
  • Interact with other people
  • Break the routine
  • Social entertainment

Types of tourism

There is a diversity of tourism that can be done and adapted to each of the people who want it. Among them we can find:

Shopping tourism

Its purpose is entertainment and shopping in shopping centers or spaces where tourists can make the purchases they want for the purpose of travel, either for their own consumption or as a gift from close people or loved ones.

cultural tourism

It is one focused on the recognition and knowledge of specific spaces and focused on the history of the area that is visited. In this sense, museums, exhibition sites, towns, among others, can be mentioned.

rural tourism

These are the activities that can be carried out in spaces intended for recreation and recreation such as outdoor sites , natural areas, coastlines , among others. It is known for being a type of tourism that loves and respects the environment.

Formative tourism

Its purpose is to offer the tourist a space where the knowledge that the traveler wishes to find within the trip is imparted .

Gastronomic tourism

It refers to the gastronomic traditions of the site that is visited. Its approach is based on traditional meals, tasting dishes and representative of the area where tourism takes place.


These are the activities carried out in the various rural environments through which tourists develop and interact with the environment where they are, collaborating in this way with the space, farm or estate where they are located.


Its purpose is recreation through nature , with a deep respect for it and for what surrounds it. Its main purpose is the preservation of the environment. In this type of tourism, the inhabitants of the area intervene directly.

Adventure trip

This type of tourism is aimed at interacting with the environment as well as putting the capabilities of those who participate in it to the limit. It usually offers adrenaline, discovery and survival activities.

Examples of tourism

  1. Visits to the historic center
  2. Mountain biking
  3. Visit a new country
  4. Trip to the jungle or mountain
  5. Walk to beaches or rivers
  6. Museum visits
  7. Travel to picturesque villages in the area
  8. Horse ride in a village
  9. Performing extreme adventures out of space where you usually develop
  10. Tasting of new and typical dishes of the area

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