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Examples of Totem

The totem is an object which is directly related to the origin of a community or tribe, this figure has been presented in many towns and places throughout history and are in turn a kind of emblems that represent protection, in many cases Reference is also made to the descent of the members of the community in question which are related to the aspect of the totem which can be based on figures of animals, plants and even mythological beings, its appearance is also determined by factors such as religious beliefs , the need to believe in something higher than what to worship and others like it.

The word totem comes from the language of the Ojibwa who are a native people with origin in the United States and are one of the largest on this continent, this term used to be used by the indigenous inhabitants of this community to refer to a type of monument that has characteristics such as those described above, it is also easy to find these monuments in places such as coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean in North America.

15 Examples of Totem Poles

  1. Albatross totem
  2. Moose totem
  3. Antelope and deer totem
  4. Totem Spider
  5. Phoenix Bird Totem
  6. Totem Squirrel
  7. Owls and Totem Owls
  8. Horse totem
  9. Goat Totem
  10. Camel Totem
  11. Crab totem
  12. Kangaroo totem
  13. Beaver Totem
  14. Swan totem
  15. Cayman totem

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