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Examples of Totalitarianism

The  Totalitarianism can be defined as a political system that is based on authoritarian power and seeks concentrating totally all the powers of a state in one political party or group, in this regard leaves no room for an opposition group and It relies on a single, strong political figure or structure, with a presence such that it can exercise total control within a country or territory. It is important to note that it is not a policy in itself, it is more than anything a regime in which a political party has control over all powers such as the executive, legislative and judicial.

In addition, in these regimes there is a leader who gives the orders that will govern the lives of those who are within the state in question, in a totalitarian government the aforementioned powers are not separated and there is no institutional counterweight, which does exist in a government. democratic , this often results in many people’s freedoms being affected, such as freedom of expression.

5 Examples of Totalitarianism

  1. The communist Soviet Union
  2. Fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini’s regime
  3. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany
  4. Maoist China
  5. Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge
  6. The Venezuela Chavista
  7. The Communist USSR of Josef Stalin
  8. Kim Jong-un’s Juche ideology

Finally, totalitarianism exercises control over society in different aspects such as culture, the economy , which generates a negative impact on many occasions in other fields such as education since the population is subjected to doctrines imposed by the party that has control. This also affects the media, which are usually managed and follow guidelines already established by the political ideology that governs a state.

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