Examples of timelines

Timelines are a tool with which data and events can be graphically represented chronologically, in such a way that it can be easily understood. This tool can be used to narrate old or recent events, historical, political and other events.

The order of each event included within the timeline is the most relevant and allows you to assign events in time intervals much more correctly.

This tool offers a structure that makes it easy and effective to understand the most important events. There may be cases that these timelines are more complex in terms of structure and information, which will depend on what you want to tell and explain in greater depth, in addition to being a didactic tool, it is an excellent resource to promote teamwork .


Through a time line seeks to organize and structure through a chronological order , the events most important in the history of an era or period determined corresponding to a region, population or humanity in general.

Actions such as revolutions , wars, specific governments, among others, can be captured . Another purpose is to be able to relate or compare said action with other similar events, in order to be able to study the facts with the greatest possible veracity.

How to make a timeline?

  • The first thing that you should take into account is the determination of the time or event that you want to capture, that is, you must establish exactly what period you are going to talk about and what is the event that you want to detail.
  • You must determine which are the most relevant aspects of the subject you want to deal with, being as specific as possible. In this sense, try to locate the most important events and highlight them.
  • Determine contextual information and be as specific as possible.
  • Draw the line to be filled in with the necessary information in order to capture the timeline as complete as possible.

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