Examples of the most profitable cryptocurrencies right now

Digital currencies are experiencing a huge boom among investors who want to expand their earnings. That is why the rebound and profitability that cryptocurrencies are having.

Below we share 10 examples of the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin BTC

There are currently more than 16.8 million BTC tokens in circulation out of an approximate limit of 21 million tokens. The capitalization of Bitcoin was estimated at 191 billion dollars and is among the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

2. Ethereum ETH

Unlike Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency was developed as a global computer network for decentralized application development. All applications developed on Ethereum are on a distributed platform where miners work to earn Ether and power the network . Ethereum’s market cap has been estimated at $ 116 billion.

3. Ripple XRP

Even though it doesn’t seem like a great competitor to Bitcoin-. Ripple has a different goal, it is a centralized transaction network that is used by banks for money transfers. The total value of Ripple has been estimated to be around $ 52 billion.

4. Bitcoin Cash BCH

This example is one of the new cryptocurrencies , with new rules and a new blockchain. Since its inception, Bitcoin Cash BCH has consolidated its position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Although it still does not manage to surpass Bitcoin in terms of value, use and popularity. The cash of this cryptocurrency has been estimated at 28 billion dollars.

5. Cardano ADA

Just like Ether does, the Cardano network is an example of a cryptocurrency that aims to run decentralized applications on the blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency managed by an international group of scientists and academics who specialize in blockchain technology. The value of this cryptocurrency is 16 billion dollars.

6. Stellar XLM

As a branch of Ripple, this cryptocurrency was launched in 2014, precisely by one of the co-founders of Ripple. Stellar is a transaction network that offers fast and efficient money transfers. The network is also totally open source and its value is estimated at 10.5 billion dollars.


It is an emerging platform and digital token that enables the development of smart contracts and assets on the blockchain. NEO’s market cap was estimated at around $ 10.4 billion.

8. Litecoin LTC

It is also an example of one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies, which stands out for offering much faster transaction speeds. In addition, it has a limit of 84 million tokens, as well as a more memory-intensive mining process. The market cap for Litecoin has been estimated at $ 10 billion.


It is one of the cryptocurrencies that was created to overcome the low amount of transactions per second of Ethereum. It has 50,000 transaction confirmations per second. Its market cap has been estimated at around $ 9 billion.


Finally the last example is one of the cryptocurrencies that further drives blockchain performance , designing from the ground up for speed and scale. There are currently 8.99 billion XEM tokens in circulation and their total value was estimated at $ 8.5 billion.

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