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Examples of the methodology of a project

The methodology of a project is defined as the set of planning processes that are carried out for its elaboration. To be able to do a project well, you must have some requirements and steps to be able to do an optimal job.

10 Examples of the methodology of a project

  1. The steps that were taken to carry out this investigation are described below.
  2. This chapter describes the research design that was used to collect the necessary information and thus be able to achieve the objectives set out in said work.

The research will be done with a qualitative approach within the research will speak with greater security about the lack of drinking water in the area of ​​the laurels.

  1. The methodology used in the following work will be based mainly on the following points:
  • Research problems.
  • The objectives.
  • The consequences.
  • Kind of investigation.
  • Data collection.
  • Selection of samples.
  • Analysis of data.
  1. In this work, the focus will be on qualitative research, and a specific approach to the problem is sought in order to attack it from the root.
  2. In the following work, the methodology will be the one proposed by the Táchira cement company, for which a qualitative information gathering will be used to obtain the raw material without harming society.
  3. In the following research work, the methodology used for this study will be the one suggested by Pablo Méndez, whose author highlights the importance of caring for water sources as a cultural heritage.
  4. In the first part of this research, the methodology used to perform the analysis of the liquid waste found in the waters of the San Juana river will be explained.
  5. In the following work, the methodology that was used was qualitative in order to obtain maximum information.
  6. In the following research work, different tools were used to obtain information since for the study of the analysis on Maikel textiles it is necessary to obtain relevant information.
  7. The research that was carried out has a qualitative approach and in the work tools were used that facilitated deepening on the subject.

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