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Examples of the common good

The common good is a term that refers to everything that can give benefits to all people, within a community all its members can be benefited by these goods which can be material or they can also be intangible things such as citizen security or free health care centers.

In this case, it is the states of the countries that are dedicated to promoting this type of property, seeking a better quality of life for all its members, even in the field of philosophy it is considered the common good although with a deeper connotation such as symbolic and abstract goods.

characteristic of the common good is that it cannot be determined by the set of goods that each person can contribute, it is of a type rather imperceptible to the eye and the other senses and that can be achieved through the contribution of the members of a community , In the field of politics , the common good can be defined as something that is much more than the individual good and in fact the philosopher Plato was the one who gave this definition while Aristotle on his side gave it a more moral touch and this due to According to him, he believed that all people have a natural tendency towards the good, although it is linked to that of other members of the community, which is why it has an important influence on politics.

Examples of common good:

  1. Cleaning the streets after a holiday.
  2. The maintenance of gas pipes in order to avoid accidents.
  3. Construction of new schools, hospitals and other entities for low-income people.
  4. The closure of a factory to stop pollution.
  5. Campaigns against habits like smoking and drinking.
  6. The use of new technologies to provide greater security to citizens on streets and public places.
  7. Planting trees in a massive way.

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