Examples of TFG

The Final Degree Projects are those carried out by higher education students to opt for their undergraduate university degrees. Where they demonstrate all the theoretical knowledge acquired and that are put into practice in the investigations.

The structure of the TFG will depend on the university in which it is presented, since each one has its own guidelines that structure them, but most of them must contain: introduction, problem statement, theoretical framework, methodological framework, analysis of results, conclusions , recommendations and bibliography.

Examples of TFG

  1. Occupational profiles in the labor market. Author Ana Lara
  2. Influence of advertising music on emotions: towards the conquest of the emotional brain. Author Laia Pérez.
  3. Equal opportunities between the sexes in access to the labor market. Author Beatriz Gómez.
  4. Integration of renewable energies in Architecture. The photovoltaic skin. Author Javier Piedrafita.
  5. Migrations and the Labor Market. Author Carina Hernández.
  6. Design of an information skills development program applied to public information to promote digital citizenship in adolescents. Authors Nathalia Castañeda and Diego Fino.
  7. The contracting and subcontracting of works and services: its distinction from the cases of illegal transfer of workers. Author Carmen Marco.
  8. Study of territorial inequalities in the provision of emergency medical services: Case studies: Macarao, Caricuao, El Junquito and Antímano. Author Saúl Cerrada.
  9. Labor Taxation. Tax treatment of earned income and the Spanish tax system. Author Cristina Oliver.
  10. Own Course: the participatory budget in the Sucre de Miranda municipality. A tool for municipal planning. Author Amelia Belisario.
  11. Aspects related to human resources in financial economic information. Author Donimique Kilingosi.
  12. The entry of Venezuela to Mercosur and its repercussions on environmental matters. Author Ronald Llovera.
  13. Business Taxation: Tax relations between companies and the administration. Author Fabio Ramírez Alonso
  14. Support program for national technological research of the MPPCT 2006-2014. Case study: newborn incubator. Author Lila Pacheco.
  15. Rescue acts and their impact on the concept of an accident at work. Author Joaquín Faz
  16. The social question in the electoral proposals of organizations with political ends in Venezuela. 1998-2012. Author Yoneida Cedeño.
  17. Public employment policies as a manifestation of the promotion activity of public administrations. Author María Martínez.
  18. Passion made into words: use of literary resources in journalistic reviews of the vinotinto matches during the Copa América Argentina 2011. Author Nolan Rada
  19. Analysis of the construct of self-objectification from the theory of behavior of Ribes and López. Author Carlos Bruzual.
  20. Pedagogical conceptions of the professors of Sociology and Statistics of the School of Education. Authors Mary Bello and María Cedeño.
  21. Sexual segmentation in the labor market and the conciliation problem. Author Natalia Martínez
  22. The foreign character and the gaze of the other in Jericho by Luis Alberto Lamata, karibe kon tempo by Diego Rísquez and 3 nights by Fernando Venturini. Three Venezuelan films from the 90s. Author Laura Romero.
  23. Evaluation of the environmental impact of oil activity on crops in the Orocual sector, Maturín, Monagas. Author Yamilka Espinoza.
  24. Human resource management in the public function. Current problem. Author Teresa Abarca.
  25. Comparative effect between the solid humus of the Californian red worm (Eisenia Foetida) and chemical fertilizers on the agronomic behavior of paprika (Capsicum Annuum l.) And cucumber (Cucumis Sativus l.). Author Jesús Limpio.
  26. The labor unions in the RR.LL of the Region of Murcia. Author Pedro Ibáñez.
  27. The Venezuelan Baseball and Social Media Fanatic. Author Marileana Saint.
  28. Evaluation of the effect of sediments from the dredging of the San Juan River on ultisol soil, using corn (Zea Mays l.) As an indicator plant. Author Carlos Salazar.
  29. The viability of the pension system in the 20th century. Author Francisca Llamas.
  30. The Legal Protection of the elderly with disabilities: special reference to Alzheimer’s patients. Author Ángel Orenes.

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