Examples of techniques


They can be defined as a series of actions and procedures that are based on certain protocols and that are applied in order to achieve a specific objective. These actions are applied to perform a certain task correctly and can cover many areas such as professionals, the arts, science , sports and many other activities.

One of the most important characteristics of a technique is that the more it is practiced, the better it will be to master it and thus obtain more precise results.

The techniques involve repeating certain actions in certain situations that may be similar in terms of environment and objective. It is also known that these procedures may require the use of certain tools which vary according to the field and the objective to be achieved, in the same way it is closely related to physical and intellectual abilities and skills which will be important at the time of put into practice the techniques to accomplish a task.

These types of actions are not only linked to human beings but also to many animal species that usually resort to techniques to satisfy certain needs such as food and reproduction.

Currently these actions are taught for their execution in various fields such as art, science and technology , they are often used a lot in written texts such as manuals, books and are also transmitted orally either from teachers to students or also from parents to children. It can also happen between friends, for example to learn a cooking recipe, to learn to use a camera, to do housework and many other daily tasks.

Examples of techniques

  1. Technique for playing the guitar.
  2. Technique to perform a key in judo.
  3. Technique for preparing a chocolate cake.
  4. Technique for using studio flashes.
  5. Lighting technique.
  6. Relaxation techniques.
  7. Sales and marketing techniques.
  8. Techniques for painting a picture.
  9. Learning techniques
  10. Narrative techniques
  11. Marketing techniques
  12. Concentration techniques
  13. Techniques to quit smoking
  14. Brand loyalty techniques
  15. Techniques for Italian cooking
  16. Bread making techniques
  17. Techniques for vehicle repair
  18. Group management techniques
  19. Vocal technique
  20. Surgical technique
  21. Lighting techniques
  22. Techniques for sleeping babies
  23. Technique to survive
  24. Modeling techniques
  25. Teaching techniques
  26. Speaking techniques
  27. Illustration techniques
  28. Group presentation techniques
  29. Techniques for teamwork
  30. Sustainable development techniques

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