Examples of teamwork


The teamwork is a work done together. It is a union of several people with different capacities who can harmoniously mesh in the same melody in order to achieve the same purpose.

Teamwork arises from the need to relate to the environment, to lean on someone else in order to achieve a goal that could hardly be achieved individually. Similarly, it arises in order to overcome obstacles or adversities that may arise on a daily basis.

When teamwork is achieved , the aptitudes and attitudes of each of the members are unified and effort is added to achieve the proposed goal, thus decreasing the effort and consecutively increasing the results.

In order to achieve an excellent gear in each of the parts that make up efficient teamwork, basic and essential guidelines are needed. The fundamental aspects of teamwork are:

  • Complementarity
  • Fluid and continuous communication
  • Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Commitment

Currently , work teams have been much more valued than before, since it has been shown that their efficiency contributes positively to the correct development and development of a company according to the field where they are managed.

According to recent studies carried out , it has been shown that teamwork is one of the most important and influential factors in the growth and development of a company, group or institution.

Fundamental aspects for optimal teamwork

  • Solidify trust in the team
  • Determine common guidelines and objectives
  • Strengthens the sense of belonging
  • Involve the team in decision making
  • Establish cordiality and respect among team members
  • Establish responsibility and respect
  • Boost communication
  • Take advantage of the benefits of diversity in your team
  • Be a good leader
  • Reward and recognize group efforts

Examples of teamwork

  1. The Google formula
  2. Mc´Donalds
  3. rescue teams
  4. The circus of the sun
  5. Firemen
  6. Companies that join forces to achieve a common goal
  7.  Rescue groups
  8. Football teams
  9. Baseball teams
  10. Basketball Teams
  11. Volleyball teams
  12. Racing teams
  13. Small Business Teams
  14. Dolphins
  15. Elephants
  16. Lionesses
  17. The ants
  18. The bees
  19. The Penguins
  20. Some birds

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