Examples of summaries of children’s books

If what you need is to make a summary of a book, this is the ideal place, since creating a summary will always be very useful to give the main idea of ​​the book, the facts, those main characters of each story within it.

The main idea of ​​a book summary will always be to give the reader the idea of ​​the story in a brief and concise way, where they have an approximation to the general content of all its pages without the person having the need to read it all.

Of course, abstracts can be classified, depending on the context of the story or literary genre such as poetry or novels, as well as the target audience, children, youth or adults.

How to make a summary?

It really is very simple, the first and most important thing is that the plot of the story of that book is always included, as well as the author, the literary genre and the main characters.

Examples of book summaries

Here we share three examples of summaries of children’s books that will undoubtedly clarify the idea much better.

  • Summary ‘The Hobbit’

JRR Tolkien, who is the author of The Hobbit, a work published in 1937, is undoubtedly one of the most important fantasy novels of modern times, as its success has been worldwide.

It was with this book that JRR Tolkien began to elaborate all that magical and fantastic universe that culminated with The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings.

A young hobbit named Bilbo Baggins suddenly receives a visit from Gandalf, a wizard well known and respected throughout the Shire. It is here that Gandalf arrives with a company of dwarves, who want to recover a great treasure that is lost.

At this point, Bilbo will have to decide to leave the Shire and embark on a magical journey that will be full of danger, adventure and new teachings on the way to the Misty Mountains.

When they reached the Misty Mountains, they had to take refuge in a cave full of goblins, these were forced to flee, as they were pursued, causing Bilbo to get lost on the way.

In that pursuit, Bilbo found a special ring, a magic ring that made him invisible, appearing a character named Gollum.

When they came down from the mountains, the company of dwarves arrived at the home of Beorn, a man who could turn into a bear, where he supplied them with weapons and ponies so that they could continue on their way to the Mirkwood where Gandalf had to abandon them because he had other business. .

Once they reached the Lake City, they found their way to Erebor, where Bilbo was able to enter the lair of Smaug, the dragon under the mountain, all this thanks to the magic ring, stealing a cup from him.

It was there where Smaug believed that the men of the City of the Lake had stolen the cup, he went there to destroy them, but in that attempt, Bardo, the prince of the city, managed to stick an arrow in the only part that he had discovered by his armor.

Finally, elves, men and dwarves, were going to face to get the riches of Smaug, but it was there that an army of goblins appeared and they united to defeat the enemy in common. At the end the Eagles appeared destroying the enemy army.

At the end of the battle, the towns distributed the treasures and Bilbo returned to the Shire with the ring.

  • Summary ‘The Little Prince’

Here we see the adventures of a child who is located on a very distant and peculiar planet, because its size is barely the equivalent of a toy box,

Once he reached the ground, he found an aviator who was stranded in the desert, as his plane had broken down. It is here that The Little Prince tells him: “The sunsets, the care of his rose and a great fight against the baobabs that could end his distant planet.”

The Little Prince also tells of the adventures he finds on the six planets he visits shortly before arriving on the planet. Where each planet has a way of seeing life, where they show excessive authority, disobedience, vanity, pride, sadness, alcoholism, businessman, obsession, loneliness, slavery.

When he reaches the ground, he meets the aviator, the snake, the switchman, merchant and the fox, the latter teaches him the importance of friendship and love. The story ends when The Little Prince returns to his planet, leaving the aviator sad.

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