Examples of subliminal messages

Subliminal messages

A subliminal message is represented by a message or signal specially designed not to be consciously captured . Among some of their examples are the encrypted messages in songs, this message tends to be inaudible to the conscious mind, but audible to the conscious mind.

Basically people do not have the ability to grasp the messages consciously, but subconsciously. The subliminal messages can be present from simple commercial that will convince people to consume a product up to somehow change the attitude of people.

It is important to note that an almost global consensus between researchers and psychologists came to the conclusion that subliminal messages do not act in a powerful way in people or lasting in behavior, unless they are continuously present in the lives of women. people.

The detection of subliminal messages in literature, advertising, television or cinema can be present in unexpected places, it can be reflected in a word drawn by elements such as chairs and clouds, or simply an element that is presented in the scene and changes the whole meaning.

Examples of subliminal messages

  1. Coca cola: this company has specialized in generating a lot of controversy in its dissemination. There are opinions that refer to the bottle, stating that it is shaped like a woman and therefore refers to sex.
  2. Disney: has always been a constant object of doubts due to the use of subliminal messages. The scenes of “the lion king” in which written words are reflected in the sky are iconic; But there are those who believe that Disney’s acumen reached its peak with the logo of one of its highest-grossing films “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The skull of Captain Jaks Sparrow with the two torches located behind is deciphered by many as an evocation of the company logo. The torches refer to the ears of the famous mouse, while the head continues to fulfill its function.

  1. NBC: the logo of this company previously included a peacock between 1962 and 1975, then disappearing until 1979, where this animal was included again for 7 years.

In the mid-1980s, it was no longer possible to perceive the animal with the naked eye, until it ended up being relegated to a simple white silhouette in the middle of the 6 colored stripes.

  1. Marlboro: the company consigned to the tobacco shop, a sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari since 1993, has been one of those that has been most affected by the legislation on the diffusion of formula 1.

In the middle of 2000, the logo of this entity on a Ferrari was supplanted by a barcode that by itself allowed to intuit the convenient logo of the brand, although since 2010, the barcode ended up being estimated as a message subliminal, in response to this Ferrari included its logo instead of the barcode, but reformed in order to judge the Marlboro logo.

  1. Amazon: in the Amazon logo there is an arrow shape in the lower part of the first 4 letters. This arrow relates the ends of two letters, the letter A and Z. There are hypotheses that consider that it refers to a prudent way of telling the customer that in this store you will find a lot of variety and a great diversity of products from A to Z.
  2. Toyota: the Toyota logo is an imagotype with various possibilities, including the possibility of forming each and every company with its logo.
  3. FedEx: the letters E and X of the logo, when joined, form the outline of the arrow between them. It can be a way that the speed with which they work and the directness of their service shine through. The arrow invigorates the message of the letters ex (expres), in this way the company logo is endowed with a sophisticated marketing.
  4. Toblerone: its logo is intended to relate to the Alps, which is the origin of its chocolate. Through the middle of the mountain it takes you to the cervine mount, whose peak is the highest in the Alps.

But if you take a closer look at the mountain, you will find the silhouette of a bear, which therefore relates toblerone with Bern, the city that gave birth to this brand.

  1. SFX magazine: the logo of this company, which is dedicated to the world of science fiction, is a changing element. It is usual that in some covers the lower part of the letter F is hidden with the head of the main figure on the cover, which makes her perceive that the true title is “sex”.
  2. Snooty peacock: its representative image plays with the optical illusions that it reflects depending on the optical focus you have, you will be able to perceive a different image.

Impact and evolution of subliminal messages

Advertising professionals have been designing subtle ads for several years now . Either they hide a double meaning in a logo or take advantage of the advantages that photoshop offers. Most of the advertisements tend to be very intelligent and the smarter the advertisement, the more satisfaction it is in the public and therefore the more attractive it is.

The basic concept of the subliminal message refers to the distinction between consciousness and subconsciousness that are the result of Freud’s theories . According to the representation of psychoanalysis, a fraction of the psyche is present that is not rationally controlled and in response files certain repressed elements.

There is research by specialists who suggest that at the time of sleep, in dreams all existing information that could not be processed consciously is processed in such a way that it can be processed by consciousness. In the subliminal message, it would try to avoid the rational part of the person, in order to look for messages that are not rationally processed.

Despite being a controversial issue in society, the truth is that it had a great impact on society due to the wide range of possibilities that exist in advertising; in the same way, its use is also common to eliminate vices and learn to determine things. However, the presence of hidden messages with a great power of impact on the population is still a mystery to unravel.

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