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Examples of Subjective Law

It is defined as a subjective right to the human condition that is provided by the right that human beings have to decide, since subjectivity refers to the ability of people to adopt any situation at the time.

For this reason the subjective right is the freedom that people enjoy to make their own decisions, since the traditions and religions that they have in different countries must be taken into account.

10 Examples of Subjective Law

  1. The right to demand that people have good behavior. Since this influences every society.
  2. The subjective right to life everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy life and be respected regardless of their physical condition.
  3. Right to a good education regardless of your economic situation or beliefs.
  4. To private property to have their things and be respected.
  5. Have the right to enjoy your religious belief without being judged, or receiving any type of abuse.
  6. Right to freedom of expression to be able to express their points of view. Not all the time human beings agree with what other people think.
  7. The right to choose their lifestyle and sex, each one is born with their virtues and defects, which gradually stand out according to their rhythm of life.
  8. The right you have to cancel the assets you own to have a better quality of life.
  9. Right to sell any type of good that is owned by you.
  10. The right to earn a good salary for the work you do.
  11. Right to collect debts with complete peace of mind.
  12. The right to vote for the candidate of your choice regardless of what other people say.
  13. Right to freely choose your partner, to form a home.

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