Examples of Study Techniques

Children and adults sometimes have serious problems when studying. Yes, this is such a serious problem that many people lose their taste for wanting to learn something new. Do you want to change? We have given ourselves the task of presenting you with some  study techniques , which will help you give a new opportunity to want to learn something new.

Examples of Study Skills for Children

  1. Study schedule:  The discipline is fundamental to all aspects of life and study is part of it. Putting together a calendar will help us to facilitate from the days to the times where you will have availability to learn.
  2. Summaries:  Here I would like to relate it to underline, this is very good to highlight the most important points of a book. You can also build the summary according to each part that you underlined previously.
  3. Concept maps: Considered a great option for those who have trouble learning. The use of these maps helps to have the most important points and organize our ideas.
  4. Tests:  On the internet as well as books we find these tests about a specific topic. They help to reaffirm ideas and take into consideration what you can get on an exam.
  5. Brainstorming:  This can be done in a group with your fellow students, the point of everything is that each one gives an opinion on what they learned and this helps that through a conversation, this topic can be given.

Other techniques 

  1. Represent the most important titles or topics with colors
  2. Underline important titles
  3. Make mind maps
  4. make study sheets
  5. Create Notes
  6. Represent with practical and easy-to-understand exercises
  7. Carry out tests or some kind of self – evaluations to reinforce the knowledge studied
  8. Teach someone else what you learned. The exhibition theme can be applied
  9. Speak aloud when memorizing the study
  10. Organize study topics

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