Examples of Stereotypes

Although each of us may have an idea, concept or opinion of our own about some subject, it is impossible that among the billions of human beings that exist, these thoughts are not repeated in millions of minds.

Among the many terms associated with what our company can create is the stereotype, but what is it about?

The stereotypes are an idea usually wrong about a person, community or movement of people who have common characteristics. Stereotypes are the product of misinformation and lack of interest in knowing in depth the true qualities, abilities, objectives, etc., of stereotyped people.

This image that is had about one or group of people is approved by the majority of those who relate to them. It is generated by the diffusion of thoughts that are not based on their own experiences or perceptions that have been verified by themselves, it is only about the repetition of conceptions that are intended to link, through one or a few characteristics, many individuals such as if it were a “Everything” in them, for example, think that tattooed people are crooks.

Advertising and the media have a certain responsibility in creating stereotypes. In many commercials an image has been formed about women, men, smokers, athletes, among others, which usually seeks to pigeonhole them to relate them to products that are supposedly created only for that group of people.

Examples of stereotypes

  • Gender about women: about women: housewife, mother, always beautiful, patient, delicate, dependent, sensitive, sexual object, frivolous, tender, submissive, crazy. Thinking that single mothers are a burden.
  • Gender about man : worker, intelligent, strong, does not cry, brave, head of the family, provider, likes cars, aggressive, casanova, unfaithful, macho.
  • Gender about boys: naughty, they wear blue, play with balls and cars, have a lot of energy, are rebellious, like sports.
  • Gender about girls: neat, tender, they wear pink, they play with dolls, they are obedient, they help with housework, they cry a lot, they must always remain still.
  • Old: useless, sickly, dependent, unproductive, demanding, they know a lot. Saying that young people are irresponsible, weak, etc.
  • Racial, ethnic and cultural: when they only highlight physical characteristics or of any kind related to the place of origin, physical or cultural appearance of the people: blacks and crime, whites and supremacy, saying Chinese to all people with Asian features, Arabs and terrorism, Galicians are fools, Middle Eastern people and religious fanaticism, etc.
  • From social classes: poor, rich, single mothers, criminals, marginalized, thinking that millionaires are people with class and education, etc.
  • Physical appearance: when you think that blondes are stupid or that people of African descent are criminals. People who are overweight or very thin are also stereotypes. Also included is the belief that people with motor disabilities are useless.
  • Politics: when it is said that all politicians are corrupt. Also when it is generalized about people with a certain political ideal.
  • Color: Blue should be exclusively for boys and pink for girls. Black is an evil color, green food is healthy, but it tastes bad. 

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