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Examples of standards


The norm is a word that has its origin in Latin and its meaning is “squad” and in our society it is understood as a set of rules that are imposed with the acceptance of the members of society themselves so that behavior patterns are followed. and actions focused on respecting and fulfilling the duties and rights of every person. The rules are governed based on values ​​from which each individual can live with their peers, thus maintaining a harmonious society.

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the rules are «A mandatory rule or set of these that must be followed to carry out an action, because it is established or has been so ordered «. The rules can be applied to different areas such as the law where a rule is defined as a legal precept, there are many other areas in which the rules are valid to apply.

Another example that we find is in mathematics where the vector norm exists and is used to make measurements of length and magnitude between vectors within the same vector space. Next we will see what other types of rules exist.

Examples of standards

  1. Legal norms:  these are those norms that are applied and executed from the legal point of view.
  2. Standards of conduct and safety: they  are considered as the guidelines that must be followed in order to achieve good behavior. This type of norm establishes what is considered positive and negative behavior.
  3. Social norms: they  are the type of norms that are applied in order to establish peace within society, indicating the guidelines that must be followed for their correct operation.
  4. Moral norms: they  are the norms that each person individually has within himself and guides him to determine what is good or not.
  5. Rules of etiquette: they  are the rules imposed by society to be able to fit in the most optimal way within a certain social group.
  6. Technology standard: these  are the guidelines that must be applied for the correct operation of technology equipment.
  7. Quality standard: these  are the standards that determine the quality of a given product.
  8. Traffic rules: they are the type of rule that is applied to drivers on the road in order to avoid accidents or recklessness and in case they are discussed, these will be stipulated together with the corresponding sanctions.
  9. Rules of courtesy: these  are the rules that are applied within society in order to maintain order and avoid chaos within it.
  10. Technical standards:  are the standards used in those cases in which it is required in order to perform a job under certain parameters or guidelines.

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