Examples of Spreadsheets

There are several types of documents in which we can capture important information. Either to store it, to manipulate it or for both tasks. Many people use information management software on a daily basis, so they are sure to be familiar with spreadsheets .

What are spreadsheets?

They are a type of files in which a group of data is entered, generally numerical, to perform operations in an automated way and obtain an almost instantaneous result. They are very useful for managing large batches of data in seconds.

The spreadsheets have rows, columns and cells in which the alphanumeric text or numbers written. Each of these cells can be linked with a mathematical operation that directly manipulates the data displayed there.

Why use a spreadsheet?

This type of document is used, basically, to take averages , manage invoices, to calculate taxes, net and gross prices, to keep records of any type and even to program a type of computer code.

We could summarize the tasks in:

  • Organize information on several sheets as part of the same project.
  • Execute simple or complex operations on written data.
  • Serve as a database for any project.
  • Use them to organize data that will be imported by other programs.

Windows offers spreadsheets in its Office suite , one of the most used in the world. There, for free, we can create unlimited files with these characteristics, either on a personal or professional level. But there are also many companies that offer similar software.

The online spreadsheets offered by Google can also be used.

Spreadsheet examples

  • Apache OpenOffice Calc , from
  • Calc , part of LibreOffice
  • Gnumeric , from Gnome Office
  • Spreadsheet , from Google Apps.
  • KSpread , part of KOffice.
  • Lotus 1-2-3 , part of Lotus SmartSuite
  • Microsoft Excel , part of Microsoft Office
  • Numbers , part of Apple’s iWork
  • StarOffice Calc , part of StarOffice.
  • PlayMaker , part of FreeOffice from SoftMaker.
  • Corel Quattro Pro , part of WordPerfect.
  • Zoho Sheet , online service.
  • ThinkFree , online service.
  • Smartsheet , online service.

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