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Examples of Spokon

Anime and manga are animation and comic of Japanese origin, respectively. In both, as in movies or novels, different genres can be differentiated. One of these is called spokon . Here below we leave you some works belonging to the latter:

– Kuroko no Basket

– Days

– Haiky & # 363; !!

– Eyeshield 21

– Hajime no Ippo

– The Prince of Tennis

– Yuri !!! on Ice

– Yowamushi Pedal

Most of the titles mentioned were born as a manga to later be adapted to anime. The only one who was born as anime first was Yuri !!! on Ice .

The spokon is characterized by having a sports theme. Different manga and anime focus on different disciplines: Kuroko no Basket in basketball, Days in soccer, Haiky & # 363; !! in volleyball etc. They are usually carried out by protagonists who have no talent for the sport they practice, but who, nevertheless, through effort and perseverance, come to excel in their discipline. The protagonist of Days , for example, Tsukushi Tsukamoto, begins not knowing how to kick a ball to end up being a key piece of his team. To finish, we could point out that in the spokonwe can find epic passages where the protagonist alone or with his entire team overcomes a situation where he has (or has) everything against him.

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