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Speeches are a series of messages transmitted orally and to a face-to-face audience. This message contains thoughts and ideas in an organized and clear way, all the information provided corresponds to a particular topic.

In general, speeches are usually used in order to reaffirm and give greater force to something that we already have a prior notion of, it is important to also point out that they are not necessarily always orally, depending on the topic and the audience. to whom it is addressed can also be in writing.

The speeches are well known in the field of politics ; Presidents and politicians often send messages to large masses of people for various purposes, either to inform about decisions or proposals as well as to make themselves known and the ideas they pose for future governments. They can also be speeches of appreciation at awards shows , graduations, and other ceremonies . It can be classified into the following types taking into account the type of message to be transmitted:

  • Narrative discourse: It is characterized by presenting three very clear and structured elements that are the beginning, the middle and the end, it is usually used in television and written journalistic media .
  • Argumentative speech: With this speech the objective is to confirm to the public the veracity of a topic, to convince about the issue raised, the information is usually supported by reasoning, they are usually integrated by thesis , argument s and finally the final conclusions are included .
  • Informative speech: This type of speech seeks to send information in a clear, concise and objective way, not including personal opinions.

Examples of speech

  1. The Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination by JK Rowling
  2. David Foster Wallace: “This is water”
  3. The power of vulnerability
  4. centimeter by centimeter by Al pacino
  5. How to live before you die by Steve Jobs
  6. Graduation speech
  7. Excerpt from “In Search of Happiness” by Will Smith
  8. The Amazing Science of Imagination by Dan Pink
  9. Fall Forward by Denzel Washington
  10. Unleash your creative side

They can also be indicated according to the message they want to convey, of which we can mention:

  • Rhetorical: knowledge is sought based on a certain event of a biological or moral nature
  • Historical: it  deals with events that happened in the past and that have relevance
  • Political: they  approach the solution through the conviction of their voters or supporters.
  • Educational : they are of an informative nature through which it is sought to teach or transmit learning
  • Religious : This is a shared mystical and heavenly point of view. Generally ideas or positions transmitted by a supreme being
  • Aesthetic : its purpose is to deepen the physical and beauty aspect of the people to whom the message is transmitted.
  • scientific-technological: transformation of the environment thanks to the hand of man.

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