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Examples of Special Contributions

It is defined as special contributions to the taxes that are generated both individually and between social groups, these contributions come from public works or state activities.

15 Examples of Special Contributions

    1. The construction of a public square or garden. The businesses that are nearby and that construction generates profits must be equitable and provide a tribute.
    2. When a public medicine module is carried out within a community, it must provide some benefit to the state.
    1. Contributions for improvements are those made through public works.
    2. By increasing the values ​​of real estate thanks to the construction of public works that are made in its surroundings.
  1. The payments that are made to the entities of the different treasury.
  2. Telecommunications services.
  3. Improvements made for social security.
  4. Construction of a simoncito to take care of the children of working mothers.
  5. Construction of a public playground in the El Valle urbanization.
  6. The construction of a park with adequate machinery to work on the rehabilitation of people who have suffered an accident.
  7. The construction of tolls in certain states to keep the roads in good condition, a fee must be paid for their maintenance.
  8. The construction of a public swimming pool to give classes to all the children who want to practice swimming.
  9. The construction of the house of culture to give different activities to children, youth and adults.
  10. The construction of a supermarket designated by the state to sell products more economically.
  11. The construction of a clothing factory to offer more job offers to all the townspeople.
  12. The construction of a public module to carry out studies of low-income people. Only one contribution will be requested to keep the module in optimal conditions and its employees.

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