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A sociogram is an evaluative method where, through the observation of a certain context , the links and relationships between several people in a certain group can be observed .

Through this type of evaluation, it is possible to determine the ties and influences that can occur within the members of the group that is being evaluated. That is why they are very useful when graphing large or small structural organizations.

In some cases, due to its great utility, it is used to identify or discover criminal organizations. Many organizations use it due to its great capacity to measure the relationships of a social nature that can be determined in a group or organization.

The main basis of this tool is based on the elements it uses, namely:

  • The objective
  • The social relationship
  • And the influence

Through this social radiography , individuals and their interpersonal relationships are represented with points and inter-individual relationships with lines that unite them. With this graph it is possible to determine the affinities, the possible existing subgroups as well as the leaders of the same.

By means of a sociogram it is possible to activate or deactivate the groups and social links present. In the same way, it is possible to discover the type of relationship that exists in the group as well as the degree or position that each member has in it.

In order to achieve the correct identification of each member of the group studied, a series of questions are asked that make up a questionnaire . These questions are generally of two types, which are the intellectual and the affective, and depending on the answers given by the evaluated, the position of the person will be determined.

It is important to note that this type of method or tool can be both qualitative and quantitative , that is, it can give concrete and specific evaluations of people, behaviors or situations, as well as it can carry out a characteristic evaluation through numbers and statistics.

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